You’re Hot

You know those days where you feel hot? Like check-yourself-in-the-mirror-a-couple-times/ask-your-boyfriend-to-take-a-picture-of-you-so-you-can-shamelessly-share-it-on-your-social-networks hot? Those days don’t happen all the time. Maybe not even almost always. But all of us have most definitely been granted with a hot as hell day (go get ‘em girls), and boy do those ones do wonders for our confidence, energy levels and relations with others.

As we walk around and connect with strangers at Starbucks, sales associates at stores and even fellow colleagues and friends, there is something to be said for how we get treated by the energy we put out when we’re feeling oh-so fine. The more put together you are, the more respect you seem to command. The more confident you are, the less that poppyseed between your teeth (shit, how long has that been there?) and the extra button that opened on your button down cease to matter.

But those days where you feel like the hottest chick in the whole wide city need not matter if you are attempting to forge said confidence, because it’s not something that can be forced, faked or fauxed. It is something that just comes from within. When we get dressed in the morning we have a decision to make: We can throw on something casual, something basic (or whatever the first item of clothing is that we find on the floor) or we can take time to put ourselves together. When I put together an outfit I know I want to wear for myself (ie: not dressing for him, not dressing for other women) I feel my greatest and most comfortable in my skin. When we fill our days, we can fill them with things and work that help breed our confidence, or we can focus on the struggles in pure-pessimist form. I say go with the former, and for that, you’ll attract the attention and company of others.

When we feel good about ourselves, we radiate that energy. We are more likely to engage in conversations with others, to be more open, to get out and at em (fares well for our productivity, I’d say). I always tell people that ‘What others say and do says more about them than it does you’. Essentially, if someone is in a good, healthy-minded place they are likely to be more friendly and complimentary vs. someone in a negative-headspace who is likely to make rude comments to – or about – you. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love being around someone who adds sunshine, love and pleasantry’s into their day? Who takes time to listen to them with an intrinsic passion? Now there is some company I’d want around, and the hotness is just a bonus to boot. So, when you’re having a hot day, take it head on: check off things on the to do list, see friends and make the most of your best accessory, your confidence.

- Jenny Jen

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  1. Marisa says:

    Nice, Jen! I agree. Confidence is a feeling, not a piece of clothing, but you can wear it and should wear it well.

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