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Why go for drinks with a friend when you can go to a yoga class with a friend instead? My last-year self is shaking her head at me right now, but truth be told I will pick yoga over most things any day. My non-work itinerary always includes my yoga practice, and if I can bring another victim – I mean friend – with me, then all the better!

Bringing a friend to yoga allows me to:

- stay true to my word: once I set a time and know that they are working their schedule around it, I know with certainty that I won’t back out. I often lock yoga dates in as self-motivation. Power in ones word is quite a strong commitment.

- do my best: When my yogi days were just beginning way back when, I remember finding out that a guy I once had a fling thing with practiced at my studio. During a class, in downward dog (aka the time where I can check out everyone else in the room) I totally thought I saw him. My front-row standing self spent the rest of the 75 minute class reaching longer, going into poses deeper and holding poses with more strength then usual. The idea that someone I know could be in the room acted as motivation to try my hardest. Bringing a friend to class does the same; it somehow pushes you to exert yourself to the fullest.

- live a healthier lifestyle: sure drinks can be fun on occasion, but you usually leave drinks with an ‘I shouldn’t have drank so much/spent so much/I’m so hungry – what can I eat feel. But with a class you both leave feeling elevated. Feeling a sense of release. Feeling a sense of completion. Since we change in our bad energy for good energy, or our good energy for greater energy, a sense of bonding occurs in the yoga studio.

- adds some spice to my routine: It allows you to try a new studio and/or a new class that you would’ve never come in contact with had you made the selection yourself. This opens the opportunity to expand your horizons and to incorporate some ‘newness’ into your routine. Just yesterday evening, I took my boyfriends sister with me to a yin style yoga class at 889 Yonge. We both agreed that we dislike yin, but knowing that people tend to shy away from what they need most, we decided to conquer our fear-o-sitting still with our thoughts together, as a team. The euphoric result is still felt today as I calmly type this blog post and meet my other deadlines.

By asking a friend on a yoga date, you are throwing out an opportunity at them to change their day around. You may catch them on a day that they need a class, but might not have had the motivation to go to one themselves, had they not heard from you. They might see it as some sort of sign or positive pressure, all with you playing the role of a fairy godmother of sorts. Give up the ‘what to do’ debate with friends, and invite one (or even a handful) to your next class. What goes around comes around sister. Shine that light on others and they will shine it back on you.

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  1. I wish I could be your yoga friend!

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