Writing Off Your ‘Off’ Day

Routine is something we often complain about, yet don’t realize how much so we take it for granted until we lose it – like everything else. Routine helps maintain our bodies, our minds and our lifestyles to a timely tee. From bedtime to wake up time to what we eat and when we eat it, to work life and personal time and work outs and classes; we are twentysomethings with seemingly saturated schedules. So what happens when one day that schedule slips from our manicured fingertips and before we know it, we are slipping too? You missed your usual work out, you’ve eaten mindlessly and continuously (and can’t seem to stop), we are feeling insecure and unlovable as we look for conflict in our closest relationships, and on top of it all these misdemeanors have mixed in with the rest of us, creating what we lovely ladies often label an ‘off day’.

The beauty of writing something off as an ‘off day’ is that it allows us to excuse ourselves from our unadmirable behaviours. It allows us to permit ourselves to continue to overeat, to not work out, to ignore our phones, to not be as productive at work. We tell ourselves that tomorrow will be different; that tomorrow we’ll get back on track. But the problem with this is that we give in to the lack of control in the present moment. We allow it to take over us for the rest of the day until tomorrow comes, in turn stunting ourselves; having our negativity and lack of motivation and realization hold us hostage. And let me tell you, when tomorrow comes it ain’t going to be all that easy when you wake up covered in sheets of regret.

Instead of labeling your day ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘off’ or ‘on’, ‘productive’ or a ‘waste’, let go of these labels. When you notice yourself acting off balance, giving in to laziness and not putting your best self forward, catch yourself, give yourself a moment and then immediately put a stop to the behaviour. To your negative (and excusable) self talk. I notice when friends complain to me about how much snacking they sometimes allow themselves to do all day, and they then continue to permit themselves to overeat and go all out, since they already ‘gave in’. Only you have the power to pick yourself back up. Why wait for tomorrow when you can re-write your story, your day, right now?

Catch yourself and your mind in these ways in which you prohibit yourself from moving forward; in these ways that you allow yourself room to mope, and use this awareness to make positive change. Remember: You are your own road block. Never convince yourself otherwise and do all you can to keep on keeping on.

- Jenny Jen

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was having a bad(ish) day at work earlier. I read your post, and rather than letting my bad day creep into my evening, I did a yoga class and lo and behold, I'm going to bed feeling like a million bucks … namaste :)

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