Write Here, Write Now

Alas, the day has come where I put my writing on paper (so to say). After posting collections of my writing on Facebook (creative/not so creative/poetry, etc.,) I’ve decided to branch out into the world of blogging. I’m not too sure what to expect, nor am I the most computer savvy kinda gal, but I’m looking forward to starting this new chapter of my life, and invite you to join me.

I catch myself each morning waking up and going directly for the ‘Life’ section in my newspaper. I then log on to cnn.com and check out the ‘Life’ stories there. I’ve always been drawn to stories about peoples lives, well being, relationship issues, friendship challenges and health. I’d like to touch on all these topics in my blog, and my intention is to do just that. Additionally, I’d like to use this blog as an outlet to express my creativity. I love writing, and write everything from lyrics, to short stories, to poems, to articles. And from now on I’m going to be writing them right here, as soon as they come up.

We’ve all heard the infamous question “Do blondes have more fun?” I hope that by following Blonde Bronzed Twentysomething on a daily basis, you can judge that answer for yourself. I have a love for life, excitement and fun. I look forward to sharing The Life and Times of a pint-sized twentysomething with all of you. I encourage you to bookmark my blog, and get involved in discussions.

- Jenny Jen

“I’m not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb, and I know I’m not blonde.” – Dolly Parton

4 Responses to Write Here, Write Now

  1. Jade says:

    my little jenny jen. I love your new blog but I am a little confused by the name. Im thinking BRUNETTE PORCELAIN AND TWENTY SOMETHING? Thoughts?

  2. kitty says:

    Jenny–do blondes have more fun??you will have to update us on this question since your transition

  3. Lili says:

    My wifey. Im so proud of your blog and excited to read all the wonderful things you have on your mind. You are so insightful and wise with your advice and the way you view the world. Cant hardly wait!!! Your wife, Lili xo

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