Why Itineraries Don’t Work For A Cottage

He’s invited you up to his cottage for the weekend, you lucky bitch you. And with the invite (and the immediate RSVP) you begin to start flirting with the idea of what you will be doing when there. As you think about the wake up, the early-day dock tanning, the boat ride and lunch, you don’t even realize that you’ve already started to taint your trip. Why is this? Because you are making an itinerary. Though itineraries are important to have for many things, the cottage is not a place where this should come up; especially if you are rendez-vousing with your summer fling or main man.

Itineraries are semi-set plans/ideals that take you out of the moment. A plan doesn’t give you the luxury to be in the moment, because you are anticipating the next. Think back to before you had this guy in your life. When you imagined the perfect guy, or what you’d want in a partner, I’m sure it was something like this:

- spending one-on-one time with a guy who like (or loves) me, who I like (or love) in return

- spending that time with them with no distractions, no place to be, nothing to do

- being able to bond, support, share and be passionate with someone

The cottage is the perfect place for the above to happen organically, so long as you let go of the ‘what’s next’ mentality. Once you slow down your life and are more mindful of moments in the moment, you will then be able to be grateful for a whole lot more. For the important stuff. For the bond in which you share, and the mini-memories you create with one another.

Bon voyage, blondies.

- Jenny Jen

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