When the Going Gets Tough

I’ve been away in the city that never sleeps all weekend, so needless to say, there was an immense amount of trashy tabloid catching up to be had. One scroll down a single Perez Hilton webpage, and I am alerted of all the break-ups, make ups, and alleged cheating to happen to the prettiest and most famous stars in Hollywood within the past 72 hours.

Though this is nothing but rumoured gossip, there are also some truths. With the Tiger’s the Jesse James’ and the now Jessica Szohr’s of the celebrity infused world, it is no surprise that life imitates art. We are in a day of age where what was once a write off has become more acceptable. Where we’ve become so accustomed to this ‘love over rules all’ that Bill Clinton made fashionable. We see Sienna and Jude engaged yet again, a few years after they both allegedly cheated, split and now reunited in what appears to be complete and utter bliss.

Goodbye 20th century relationships, hello 21st. Where the twentysomethings of the world watch a show, a chick flick or read a close-to-home style cover story and subconsciously use it as a screenplay to mimic. There seems to be no shockers in these tabloids, and boy have we seen it all in the past few years, so where do we draw the line? Does the heart always beat the mind in the determining factor of ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ When the going gets tough, we seem to dust off our shoulders (and our new nude hued pumps) and keep strutting our stuff down the streets as if emotion rules all. No longer are the days of pay back, revenge and suffering. We seem to be in an era that appreciates the human connection and intense relations with another, and though our eyes aren’t blinded, we have a new form of acceptance, which stems from courageous communication.

Have you recently caught yourself questioning whether or not to follow your pounding-little heart or your overly-analytical head? Well no one can give you the answer and dependant on your personality you will follow the rule of thumb that suits you best. But at the end of the day, if you feel the love and fear the hurt, allow yourself the opportunity to experience the fulfilling aspects that a relationship brings. Self protection (although savvy at the time) could end up causing the opposite. When we self protect we lose the opportunity to experience one of life’s greatest gifts.

Trust your gut instincts. More often then not, they say it all.

- Jenny Jen

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