When an Emoticon Saves the Day

You’re at that point where you’re frustrated with him. Because (as per usual) there is a miscommunication over BBM/texting/email and you find it easier to run with the worst then to just take the messages as light as messages can really be. And just when you’re about to blow your load (so to say) and send him a catty (and obvious) passive aggressive one liner (a sure sign he’s landed a trip into the doghouse), in comes the most telling, cutesy, tone-setting emoticon that you ever did see. And it is within this moment that everything – just like that – becomes ok.

Silly girls. We analyze and over read ond obsess over words and miniscule messages so much so, that we’ve come up with a whole new story about what someone is ‘really’ trying to say, when in fact, they are only trying to say what they are actually saying. Sound confusing? Well that’s because confused is what we become when we do this to ourselves (and our friends when we then message them asking what does ‘this’ and ‘that’ mean).

More than a handful of my once-loyal BBM-buds have been making the once-deemed-unthinkable switch over to the iPhone world, with a big hope being improved communication. However, it must be noted that with sentences being delivered without any suggested tone (unless you dare use CAP LOCKS and/or exclamation marks), miscommunication can only be had. Which is why I’m thrilled we have been granted the opportunity to have emoticon’s in our lives, because they certainly aid in expressing an aura of everything from embarassment, to confusion, to pleasantness and even disapointment. Though I wish there were many more a face to choose from, I can – with the click of a ‘con – set a tone that my words may not hit.

So if you’re at work, in a meeting, at the dinner table, in a theater, or wherever else you are that you can’t pick up the phone to ensure clear communication, feel free to lean on your friendly neighbourhood emoticon to help you send the message home. And when it comes to over thinking and driving your blonde, bronzed head crazy over interpretating the mystical un-emoticoned sentences, take the opportunity to be your assertive self, and ask the person on the other end what they mean/what they are implying, to ensure you are on the same page. Smily face.

- Jenny Jen


3 Responses to When an Emoticon Saves the Day

  1. Sarah says:

    Love your use of 'con – it sounds so hip. :)

  2. Great post on miscommunication via texting with emoticons to save the day!! I can definitely relate.

  3. Simmarah says:

    Great post on miscommunication via texting. God knows how many times I've misintrepreted what guys say, only to see that they were 'joking' through a simple :) or ;)

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