When A Look Says It All

It’s an amazing thing that often times – even in silence – our eyes utter messages, sentences and full blown stories. Stories of hurt, stories of pain, stories of excitement and stories of passion. Many of us learn by our twentysomethings that it’s important to put a game face on, or as the hit Lady Gaga song refers to it: poker face. We often attempt to hide ourselves behind words that we use as masks, as whatever it is that’s actually on our mind grabs a hold of it. And though many of us are seemingly successful at staying silent, unbeknownst to us, our eyes are telling it like it is.

There are many looks us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings give, including:

- the ‘give it to me’ look
- the ‘you should know what you did’ look
- the ‘no you didn’t just say that’ look
- the ‘come talk to me, come hither’ look
- the ‘I can’t stand up’ look
- the ‘you are the apple of my eye’ look
- the ‘you broke my heart’ look
- the ‘glossy eyed, I’m holding back tears but want you to think I’m tough’ look

But despite all these, the worst look we give is the one when we feel like someone has let us down. In turn, the worst look to get is the one that we’re confronted with when we know we’re in the wrong, and the person we’ve let down gives that look. One which there are no words for, but we’ve all seen. Disapproval. Disappointment. Disdain. And no words can ever take the place of the guilt and sadness we feel when we see those eyes. They say more than any word or sentence or attempts to make us feel guilty ever could. The look is accompanied by an emotion from within. One that eats at us, wishing there was some way to go back, to re-do, to ‘if only I knew then what I know now’ our way back in time.

Yet despite the strong affect of the look, many of us revert back to words. To express our anger, to try to be heard, to put our issues and way of dealing with things on someone else, often to no avail. Because, when people do wrong they know (whether it be deep within or not) that they are in the wrong. Less is always more and that look sometimes is the only thing that needs to be said.

- Jenny Jen

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