What is Your Yoga Teacher Really Thinking?

Hey all you blonde, bronzed, twentysomething, yogis. Getting ready to hit up your local yoga studio for a hot and steamy bikram session? Well before you drag your adorable little yoga butt over to class, read on about what your yoga instructor is thinking about while you’re downward-dogging your way into a healthier mind frame (and physique.) Oh did I mention this advice is from a male yoga instructor?

I recently asked a twentsomething guy I know to give my readers the inside scoop on what’s really going on in his head as he teaches. And since today is National Women’s Health and Fitness day, I thought this would be perfect timing.

I love his candid nature, likely a result of the fact I told him he could remain “anonymous.”

So, introducing my first ever guest blogger, take it away:

I was asked by the writer of this blog to write and/or discuss some topics. Now, this is tough for me, because I am a man. Not much of one, but still, a man nonetheless. I was advised that maybe certain topics could be good, such as yoga, or what men think when women get really dressed up, or women’s underwear – you know, typical things (read: not typical at all).

Since I teach yoga on occasion, I decided that would be an easy one to cover. In particular, the thoughts of a male yoga instructor when teaching a class. As many of you surely know, most classes are dominated by women. What does that mean you ask? Nothing really.

Except for the fact that, yes, even male yoga instructors can be tempted by what they see in their students. I am not one to sneak a peak while teaching, I definitely never, ever try to inadvertently cop a feel from my students, and even on those occasions where I have been clearly flirted with, I try to stray away from that line of conversation. I mean, someone’s gotta be professional in this relationship.

There have been times, I will admit, where I’ve really been tempted to ask a student out. I mean, I asked certain teachers out before I, myself, was a teacher. It’s also perfectly normal for students to feel that kinship with teachers – male in a dominant position, female in a position of needing help or direction. The whole thing reeks of the potential for inappropriate sexual relationships.

I think that is kinda the point though. No – I don’t mean become a yoga instructor so you can reap the benefits of watching attractive (and often not so attractive) men and women in compromising positions. And, trust me, I’ve seen it all in there. What I mean is that the value comes in the self-control that one must attain through yoga and as part of practicing and teaching yoga, and of course, the sexual urges that might come with that.

By learning to recognize those sorts of temptations (like so many other types in life), we can then apply our yoga practice of patience, tolerance, and awareness to those temptations and realize just how inappropriate (or appropriate, in certain circumstances) they may be. The key is not to act on the temptations, but to notice the temptation, then see where it leads. If to a real emotion, then maybe you do make a move. If not, then you realize you are thinking with your little head instead of your big head.

Keep in mind, I don’t speak for every male yoga instructor. I am sure there are a number that would disagree with me. And, I’m sure there are a small percentage who are perverts. But, most (if not close to all) of us are mindful, kind and understanding gentlemen. Take your man to yoga and see if he doesn’t become more like that too.

So there you have it – some thoughts from a male yoga instructor on what he’s thinking while he’s teaching. Obviously, there isn’t that much going on in my head. But, that’s exactly how I know it’s working.

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