Up Close and Kissable

You are out on a date and you observe the couples around you. Perhaps there is a couple you catch out of the corner of your eye, leaning over holding hands across the table. Aww. You may catch in your peripheral vision, a couple sitting side by side, their hands on one anothers thighs in a subtle-sweet kind of way. This all sounds all well and good, but you just may even get your eyes on some hot, hot loving. I’m talking about a full make-out session at the dinner table next to you. Ahhhh, I sigh, PDA at its finest. We all have certain thoughts on the subject and limits to what is ok in front of others and what our limits are in regards to seeing other couples. Based on those thoughts, we judge accordingly. What type of PDA floats your speedy little boat?

Are you a tame tease? A hot-n-bothered vixen? A do-me-now-nymph? Or are you the more serious, conservative type that even keeps hand holding and staring longingly into your partner’s eyes for behind closed doors? Were you once a PDA-er in a previous relationship and now an anti-PDAee in your current sitch? Is whether or not you involve yourself in the PDA realm depend on whom you’re with? Or is it exclusive to you miss I-don’t-change-for-anyone?

I instantly play the ‘Sex in the City’ episode in my head when Carrie and Berger are out on a date at a restaurant and spend their evenings with their tongues down one anothers throats at the dinner table. Though I thought it was bold, it just made so much sense. You don’t feel uncomfortable watching them because as viewers, we are rooting for the heroine – we get they are just started a relationship and the chemistry is a’ flying!

Isn’t it funny the way it is that we are sometimes shocked to see certain public displays of affection?

I’m comfortable with advancing from the PG13 rating to a little AA action if deemed necessary. No matter what, I go with what is natural and never make it XXX. I keep it subtle, simple and solely resort to it because that is what I’m feeling in the moment. Yes, I’ve been known to kiss – not passionately, but a classic ‘church kiss’ – at red lights. Or even at a restaurant between bites of my hamburger (thanks Will Hunting and Skylar) And yes, I’ve been known to kiss while out at a club (can I blame it on the vodka soda’s?) If you’re feeling the passion then live in the moment. Or so I thought…

It’s ok when you’re judging yourself but what happens when you witness your coupled-up friends letting one slip through the lips? What is the proper PDA watching etiquette? Do you look away as you start to feel your cheeks warming up? Do you watch with purpose so as to not look as awkward as you feel? Or do you just smile and make an ‘Oh you guys!’ kind of comment feeling so happy a friend of yours has found bliss? If you’re happy chances are your friends around you will feel that glow and would accept your lovey-doveyness with open arms, so long as you go a little easy and remember you have a bedroom still at home. If we keep it in our pants I certainly feel like PDA should be embraced. Nothing like living in the moment girlies!

Alas, here are some images of our favourite A-List couples caught on the Jenny Jen Kiss Cam:


- Jenny Jen

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