Trivial pursuit

We wait until we get the courage to pursue.  We wait until we are certain we won’t get rejected.  We wait until he makes the first move or gives us some sort of sign that he just might be interested.  And we wait a little more because we don’t want to come across as too eager; too easy.  So when the guy we just so happen to have the hots for just so happens to start dating someone else (while we’re still in the midst of waiting, obvs) I hope that a lesson has been learned in this obvious point well made.

Moral of the story is stop waiting.  Do.  Be.

So what if you are met with silence?  So what if you are met with a one-word easily identifiable answer?  So what if you heard from a friend who heard from someone else that this guy is a player/unobtainable?  So what, so what, so what?  The name of the game is life and you are a player in it.  So play.  Roll those dice, go for the gold, insert analogy that resonates with you here.  But whatever it is doll, do it with a green light kind of mentality.  Because really, no really, there is nothing worse than waiting and then losing your chance before you ever attempted at one.

When we wait we become somewhat helpless because we are not taking control of our wants.  We often ignore our wants and needs, writing them off as unobtainable when they are as easy as simply asking or doing something about it.  Whether it comes down to men, dating, work, friendships, etc., we often wait hoping whatever it is will come to us.  Yeah, realistic there honey.  If only we had such luck.  Not to mention the longer you wait, the more you wonder and worry, therefore building anxiety and – dare I mention – building up a whole lotta wasted energy.  Stop stopping and start going.  Green light baby girl, green light.

– Jenny Jen

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  1. tenaciousken says:

    Very inspiring.

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