My How We’ve Grown

The thing with monumental dates such as a Christmas, a birthday, a New Years or some other specific date that has an affect on your life, is that they are ever-so-easy to recollect. For example, if I ask you to think of where you were/what you did/what you wore the day you met your boyfriend (or ex) you could likely report borderline close to a tee the details of that date. If I asked where you were when you found out about 9/11, you can likely recall those events. What you did last Christmas or New Years? The one before, and the one before that? You too can likely recall.

Days that come with a level of importance come with stored memories, those same memories that we can call upon at any given point. And this whole looking back and reminiscing thing allows one to create a very contrasting image of the then and the now.

I find it ever so enchanting to see growth and advancements not only in myself but in friends and former flames as well. Do you ever feel the same? Like running into that party animal of a guy you used to date, do shot after shot and go home with every weekend, only to see him having a tea at 11pm on a Saturday night, with his shirt actually done up (let alone on for that matter.) Or to have genuine conversations with others about their careers, accomplishments, etc., as opposed to the superficial, go-to “Hey…you look great.” As we grow a little older and a little wiser, it’s a pretty wonderful feeling to take in the moments as they happen but also the power to recall where we once were and how far we’ve come from that point. We all think we’ll be young forever, and are so set in our ways that we often don’t picture much change in our future, but when it is so evident on specific dates in the calendar year, it’s really rather fulfilling.

Where were you on this exact day last year? How have you grown/changed/matured? What have you endured, what have you lost, and most importantly, how did you get by and manage to get through those rough and rocky patches?

I congratulate each and every one of you for moving forward from all that life has thrown at you. For hanging in there when the going gets tough and for being part of the one thing we know for certain; change.

– Jenny Jen

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