The Right Spot

So you’ve been looking forward to this date-thing you have and dude asks you where you want to go? And though he is being a total sweetheart in his questioning, you get ridiculously annoyed with him. Why? Because we like when men decide where we’re going. It sets the tone and totally gives us an itty-bitty hint of what kind of direction this whole get-together will be heading.

There are certain ‘types’ of daters, that include (but aren’t limited to):

1) The I-don’t-want-to-run-into-anyone-I-may-know Dater: This is the guy that brings you to a restaurant or bar you’ve never heard of, in an area you’ve never been, that isn’t all that great but he’s insistent you two go there. Once there, you take a look around at the tables surrounding you and notice other twosomes there, likely also being “hidden”. Think: Jay Mohr’s character in 200 Cigarettes where he brings Kate Hudson’s character to a random Italian joint because he’s dating a bunch of other girls and doesn’t want to get busted.

2) The come-over-to-my-place Dater: This guy doesn’t hold back, does he? Why go through the dating process when she can just come here and I don’t need to do any work? This initial laziness sets a tone, likely one in which you don’t want to partake in. A guy who has intentions of dating you will take you on dates. If you’re getting house calls know that you are not being taken seriously nor are you considered future material.

3) The I’m-prince-charming-and-your-my-queen Dater: He sets up the date, picks you up, takes you to an impressive place and isn’t at all concerned with his surroundings. You entertain the idea that he’s done this all before, yet you buy into it because it’s just the perfect setting and the perfect story and you are completely and utterly enthralled.

Now I’m not saying that women can’t choose the location, but I am admitting that it’s definitely stressful. We go through the same thoughts of where can we go so we don’t run into our exes while mid-date, and we think about whether we want to go to an it-spot or something more low-key. The good thing with having the guy choose is to see his intentions. And as tempting as it is to go over to his place for a first date because you both love Entourage oh so much and it just so happens to be Entourage night, that is still no excuse for a first date. That’s an excuse for booty. So listen to his cues, and go from there.

- Jenny Jen

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  1. Edlund says:

    Hey our blogs are kind of alike. lol. And my name is Jen too lmao

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