The proper way to share your thoughts with your mate

Think before you speak because you can’t take back something once it’s been said.  Once you put ideas into someones head, give them words they can cling on to, words that they were waiting to hear to make sense of a situation, there is no turning back.

With technology so prevalent these days (you know the texting and instant messaging, updating of our statuses,etc.) we use our words ever so freely.  But we use them often not thinking about how someone might be in need of them like a plant that hasn’t been watered in weeks.  They soak them up, use them to live by, without thinking much of anything else.  Mean what you say as opposed to speaking in innuendos and passive aggressive comments, and if you’re not sure yet about something, don’t talk as if you are.

If you’re sort of into a guy, but have some draw backs, don’t mention it to him until you can identify those draw backs (once you see they are consistent) and offer a solution – if any.  When we invite others into our psyche, we don’t realize how comfy they get habituating there.  They take our words at face value.  So if for example you learn the guy you’ve gone on a few dates with is dating other women too, don’t tell him that it’s all good and you’re not interested in a relationship with him anyways, if in fact you are.  Speak truths, because no matter what you say, all others have to go on is your word.  Or if you tell him you’re confused about where you stand and don’t know if it’s a good idea hanging out with him outside of the bedroom, then booty call him two days later, you will lose all credibility, and he won’t know when to take your word or not.

If you can take anything from this post, it’s think before you speak.  Don’t utter words that can bring someone else down on a lonely Sunday when you are down.  Don’t tell someone you might let them down, especially if you want to keep them around.  Once they hear your words, they might be triggered to take a whole new approach to the situation.  In this case, you’re the one that loses, not them.

– Jenny Jen

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  1. So true! Really enjoyed this post…with the technology we have today it’s easy to just blurt things out to someone via text or on the phone without actually thinking it through…it also makes it so easy to communicate with each other which only ups our chances of saying something we really dont mean. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, I always love reading your posts!


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