The power of inclusion

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An invite for someone to join you as you grab your morning coffee.  Asking a friend to join you and your other friend for apres work patio drinks on a sunshiny early eve.  Telling that buddy of yours that you never seem to have time for these days to swing by your place before you head out, to do a quick catchup, and to try out a new recipe you just put together.  How easy it is for us to make others feel included.  How often we fail to do just that.

It’s natural for one to feel insecure.  To feel left out from little get-togethers, even if that wasn’t the intention.  In a world where we can see everyone’s happenings via Instagram images and constant updates, I understand how easy it can be to allow your imagination to get the best of you.  To feel excluded, uninvited, left out.  To tell yourself things that are so un-true and way-too-critical like ‘no one likes you,’ or ‘no one cares.’  People care as much as you do.  Sadly, we mostly care about ourselves and what we project onto this social media nation, that we don’t take into account others.

Thus, this is just a mini reminder to include others when you can.  Going out for brunch with your other half?  Why not have your single friend join you guys.  It’s only an hour and a bit out of your day and – not only will she likely supply you with refreshing stories – but you can still have a lonesome date night with your other half come eve.  Are you a new, young mom and overwhelmed with dealing with nap times and play dates and are pushing some of your once-besties aside?  Ask them if they want to swing by or meet up, even if your mini me is in tow.

We often make assumptions that our friends won’t care to join us when we’re with our sig other, with friends they don’t know, or when we have a baby to boot, but allow them to make that decision.  All you have to do is ask or offer and they can take it from there.  But it’s the excluding that tends to allow us little ladies to buy into our negative thoughts.  About being left out from that rendez vous we can so see ourselves in when we see it displayed in front of our very, longing eyes vis a vis every app known to man.

Reach out.  Include.  Allow another to feel that amazing feeling of ‘being a part of something.’  The power of inclusion is one of the greatest feelings for ones sense of self, no matter how confident or nonchalant they might appear.

– Jenny Jen

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