The Parking Payment Chronicles

Last month, Rebecca Eckler interviewed me for a piece she was working on for Chatelaine, called Long Distance, Same City: Pros and Cons of a Long Distance Relationship. When asked my opinion I shared with her my tales of ‘long distance’ (in the same city) dating. The biggest issue to which is, where do I park my car and once parked, who pays?

Let me create the scene: You’re shacking up with a boy who lives quite the distance away from you. Same city, but a good half hour to 45 min drive (or so). And each time you guys get together (that is 8 to 2 in his area since he lives downtown where there is plenty a places at your foot step) you have to park your ride in a parking lot, each visit eating away at your lovely LV wallet. Or if you choose to park on the street, you may even have a collection of parking tickets for not having had moved your car by the right hour come morn (thanks to what was a ‘good morning’ wake up run). Welcome to the world of ‘long distance’ love, where your worries and woes come from parking problems. Though it could be worse, such a minor issue causing calculated stress needs to be dealt with head on, for it shouldn’t be an issue at all.

The person who is driving to the other persons place – one would think – should be solely responsible for funding the parking bills, but is that really fair when they are the ones driving down in the first place? I would never dare ask for the dude to pay for my parking, but I’d be lying if I said I never wondered if there could be a better balance.

An ex of mine lived downtown, his place offering up a lone parking spot where a family members car would lie. For a while he’d park mine immediately behind it (to the dismay of neighbours whose cars, I confess, were slightly blocked) and sometimes his neighbour offered up her spot when she knew she’d be out for the night, but then he surprised me one day with my very own parking permit for his street. It ended up being super cheap, and was better than the worries that came with waking up at 7am to move my car to another side street. The gesture melted my heart and allowed me to put my hard earned cash towards entertainment and stuff we could enjoy together. There was no awkward talk of who should pay, it was just ‘taken care of’ to my surprise.

When it comes to this issue, there really is no right or wrong. If it is a concern of yours, I say bring it up and get feedback from your partner. I know for me, it’s worth the driving down (and everything that comes with it) because there’s just more to do in that area. Sure I’m sure the boy would come up to my place, but there’s really no need most of the time. Whatever your thoughts or concerns are, figure out a solution that is easy, worry free and one you’ll feel settled about so your stress doesn’t effect the time you spend together after your long winded driving trip. Or better yet, find a guy with a garage who has an extra spot just for your vehical (and accompanied smiling face).

- Jenny Jen


2 Responses to The Parking Payment Chronicles

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if u would stop spending $$ on trivial things like an LV wallet, this whole parking ticket thing wouldn't be an issue.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My entire concern with this post is the fact that your blonde bronzed twentysomething self is driving to his place to begin with (and dirtying your gorgeous new shiny black patent 4.5" louboutins in the process). Why does he insist you schlep halfway across the city (which is most definitely the definition of a long distance relationship) rather than arrive at your doorstep, 8pm sharp, with a dozen pretty pink roses and an eager smile on that adorable face of his..Is chivalry completely gone with the wind? Is it as extinct as the pig-footed bandicoot or as rare as finding a limited edition ebene and rouge vif togo leather hermes birkin bag? Clearly the issue of the parking spot is not to be taken lightly.. and is a testament to a greater social inequality.

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