The Only Person You Can Control

You’re upset. He’s upset. You think you’re right, he knows he’s right. Why are you both wrong? Because – as I said in my AOL Lifestyle article ‘Don’t Let Pride Destroy Your Relationship’ – it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong, but instead all that matters is ‘who cares’. In a day in age where arguments are a dime a dozen, often so frequent and mild due to the abacas that is all these extra forms of constant communication and misinterpretation (I’m looking at you Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger, etc), we can’t let anothers thoughts, words and interpretations get the best of us. We just can’t. Because when triggered by something that in turn causes anger, we become rash. We say and do things we wouldn’t normally say and do. So knowing that we often regret our in-anger behaviour, it’s important to remember not to take other peoples in the moment out of anger words and actions for truths.

Tip of the day: Worry about controlling your own feelings, as opposed to others thoughts or words.

Forget what others do so long as you’re happy with how you treat others. We spend so much time and energy on wishing someone didn’t say something already said. Wishing they could apologize, take it back, make it up to us (a bouquet of flowers please and thanks). But what we do when we think in that mindset is we give our power away. We wait for our expectations to be met and when they aren’t we grow even further disappointed. How frustrating.

The good news is that we have the power to be a pillar of strength all through our OWN thoughts and attitudes. So do yourself a favour lady love, instead of holding onto day-altering words from another and holding out hope that they’ll come to their senses, come to your own by being the best you you can be. Let it go, don’t judge others words and actions because they are solely a reflection of them, not you. Keep on keeping on, use your day to your advantage, go to your happy place, and ensure that you are content with how you’re acting and feeling. You are the only person you have control over and the sooner you can accept that, the sooner you will reach a self-nirvana of sorts.

Happy trails,

- Jenny Jen

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