The life and times of Jen Kirsch

June 19th hath arrived.  My 28th birthday.  A year gone by offering nothing I expected.  To be at a place I would never have had told you I’d be if you asked me on this day last year.  I arise on my day of birth only to recall this date last year, and to see and realize how much we as humans grow and heal.  I’m humoured.  I’m amazed.  I’m blessed to have yet another year granted to me.

One of the best things that happened within the past 364 days: falling in love.

One of the worst things that happened within the past 364 days: heartbreak.

One of the greatest lessons learned within the past 364 days: the capacity of the human heart and mind to heal.

This has been the longest I have ever been single since my first relationship.  Always being boyfriend bound I realized the importance of living a life for myself; of marrying myself in a way that needed to happen before I allow myself to open – once again – to another.  It’s so easy for us to meet others, to fall, but it’s with the challenges that we grow.  And so, knowing I’m here to educate you all on life and love, my words wouldn’t be genuine if I didn’t experience all the spectrum’s of which I write.  Now I’m not sure if it is being single, working hard or meeting such amazing and inspiring people this year, but I have come into a way of being that gives me pleasure.  That I am grateful for.  That makes me proud.

So from the heartache I picked myself up, solely by making the choice that I want live the best life possible.  I can’t believe how – when you put your mind to something and make efforts – that you can actually get it.  Thank you to Canada AM for putting me live on air, week after week to talk relationship shop.  Thank you to all the radio shows and TV shows and news shows for having me on to talk about my passion, which just so happens to be passion.  Everyday is a treat when you do that in which you love.

One thing my mom once said to me when I was younger, was to live everyday like my birthday.  And that, I ask of you too.  Because our life and all of that which we have is a celebration.  Worry less about what you don’t and take in all that deliciousness that is the day-to-day happenings.

Erin Bury and Lindsay Somers: two of my best girl friends who showed me what friendship means.  It’s not just dinners and drinks and banter and laughs.  It’s unconditional.  It’s innate.  It’s natural and it is always there.  I wish one day to be even half of the women you both are.  Seriously, I love you both in such a strong way.  You epitomize the term best friend.

And to my readers and the many of you who send me emails on the daily of how this blog, my psyche, have helped you: thank you.  This is my passion because – not only do I love it – but I empathize and love the knowingness that my experiences and lessons can help you grow.  Keep on sharing your thoughts and keep coming back for more juiciness while I’m still in my twentysomethings.

Now short of sounding like a wedding and/or acceptance speech, I’ll wrap this up.  Tonight I’m celebrating with my nearest and dearest in a white themed fete.  Will definitely share details and images tomorrow.

– Jenny Jen

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