The Executive Decision

Do I or don’t I? Long hair or short hair? Stay together or break up? Eat the slice of cake or eat a spoon full of the fruit instead? Blonde vs. Fall Brunette? Have another drink or get my cute butt home?…alone. Should I message him or not?

We are blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings ridden by indecision, and how can we not be? With so much on the go we have endless opportunities to ‘choose our own adventure.’ But unlike our tween-selves that found the idea of making decisions engaging and exciting (thanks R.L.Stein) we now – by nature – question and second guess everything we do, so much so that even if we choose Miranda as the character we relate to the most in Sex and the City, we all know that there’s still some doubt from time to time (hello, in love with Steve but should she tell him dilemma.)

I knew that today was going to be a long day, so in anticipation, last night before I hopped into bed I was debating whether to get a semi-full sleep, or to cut the semi-full sleep short to do a 6:30 am Moksha Yoga class. Both options would be an asset to my attentiveness, however I couldn’t determine which option would be the healthier of the two. Not one to flip a coin, I sent a message to a friend of mine who is great at making decisions for other people (aren’t we all.) She is my go-to decision maker when I’m stumped and want a non-hesitant/and-there-you-have-it answer.

So, how does she do it and how do we learn her tricks?

How to make The Executive Decision:

We coined her whack-a-mole, quick decision making ‘The Executive Decision.’ The key to making a decision for yourself has to do with a mix of instinct and ownership. Once you make the decision, own it. Accept it. Let it go. We could easily fill up our blonde heads with obsessive ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda-type’ thoughts. But what good would that do for us? When you make the executive decision, there’s no going back. You’ve made it, so celebrate it.

Cobb Salad or egg-white frittata? You want the cobb, but know it’s not as healthy. If you’re going to then spend the day wishing you had the cobb, just order the cobb in the first place and maybe skip out on the blue cheese and get the dressing on the side.

To go to your ex’s or not to? If you’re already at the point where an invite has been sent your way, chances are whether it’s today or next weekend, you will be in his bed eventually (yet again, tsk tsk, when will girls learn.) So quit the games, make the decision and then enjoy the rest of your week.

Sounds easy right? That’s because once we stick with the sticking-to-our-decision thing, it becomes much easier to make decisions. You end up feeling proud that you didn’t spend all your time what-if-ing.

So get your memo pad and write this down you little bookworm you: Today I am going to not second guess myself, and I’m not going to text a friend with pictures of outfit options to wear to my next date/work event/night out. Today I’m going to be the strong, confident, twentysomething that I am and I’m going to make The Executive Decision at all times, when called upon.

Watch out, world.

- Jenny Jen

2 Responses to The Executive Decision

  1. Miss CMajor says:

    great take on something we all grapple with. i often ask myself, "What have i got to lose here?" if the consequences aren't terrible, i go with my gut.

  2. Rachel says:

    LOVE THIS…It's so true and something we could all work on. But most of the time, we should just go with our gut instinct (what we really want/need for ourselves) and move on with our lives. My younger sister can NEVER make up her mind especially when it comes to dining out so we're trying to teach her to make her own big girl decisions hehe.. Great post, something we can all work on. After all, it is OUR lives : )

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