The difficulty with difficult relationships

I find that it’s safe to say, when things are difficult, that’s a sign something isn’t working out.  Yet somehow, we try to fight through the difficulty.  We try to push and change and work on, only putting ourselves through further suffering, anxieties and the works.  We try to people please at our own expense so as to avoid a rough patch; so as to avoid walking on egg shells.  And yet, when we act in this way, we teach others that it’s ok to treat us like that.  That we’re willing to put up with it.  I say speak up.  Be authentic.  For if you can’t communicate your frustrations to a friend, that’s not friendship, is it?

Anxiety often stems from worrying about the future.  By speaking up and telling someone where your head is at, is to be honest.  You are taking ownership of your feelings, something that can’t be questioned because everyone responds differently to various situations.  Sometimes people aren’t aware of the effect their words (or lack thereof) have on you.  You are not a bad person to share your thoughts, you’re an authentic one.  For if we all stayed silent, no one would ever learn; no one would ever grow.

To put up with complicated back and forth texts to no avail; to pick up the phone when you’re clearly not in a state to talk something out, is to not realize the control you have on your happiness.  If a situation with a friend or partner is difficult and stressful share your thoughts in a non-threatening way, without putting any blame on them and all whilst owning your feelings.  But be sure to do so once you’ve had time to think it out, so as not to react impulsively.  Friends or a partner likely wouldn’t want you to feel down, and how they choose to respond will be a great indication of their respect of your feelings.

Just keep in mind sweets, that your friendships and relations with others shouldn’t be a struggle.  If you are walking on egg shells, don’t feel you can speak up and are stressed by the idea of hearing from someone, be wary of that.  Things should work naturally, and shouldn’t be so tough on the daily.

– Jenny Jen

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One Response to The difficulty with difficult relationships

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Easier said than done.

    Great advice by the way. But how many of us will follow it? Maybe 1%? People(humans) are bad at following advice that is good for them, so that is a battle in and of itself.

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