The Call Waiting Experience

The joy of call waiting is not just the convenience factor, but instead is when someone deems you worthy enough to answer your call, and let the original call go. It comes down to picking favourites and if you are the one selected, it feels like winning of sorts. You place the call, you both banter and then they say one second and as you wait you realize they were on another call. They come back on and you chat away, all with this knowingness that you were the chosen one.

Who wins in the battle of the call waiting? I’ve been very attentive on my phone calls of late paying close attention to when I’m hung up for, when I’m hung up on, and when a friend openly acknowledges they have a call coming through on the other line, where they confess they are ignoring it. We often sit with our phones on our work desks, dinner table and even in our palms during visits to the hair salon (gasp!), so with that being said, how many people have ignored your incoming calls and for what – pray tell – is their reason?

The Person You Are Trying To Reach Ignores Your Calls Because:

- you have a question for them that they have yet to have an answer for and they don’t want to be guilt tripped or pressured
- they are in a movie/meeting/shower/washroom/subway
- their phone is on silent
- they are trying to send you a message (hint, hint)
- they don’t want to appear too available
- they know you’re a yenta and don’t want to get locked into an ongoing conversation
- they don’t appreciate your tone and you tend to bring down their mood
- they are with friends and don’t want to be interrupted
- they are trying to wean you out
- they don’t want you to know where they are, but don’t want to lie either so better to just avoid your call
- because you’ve already called them five time and your annoyance makes them want to prove a point

Am I missing any ladies? Why do you ignore calls and why do we take it so personally when we know we’ve done the same?

- Jenny Jen

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