The Blackberry Mentality

We’ve become so accustomed to the immediacy of Blackberry Messaging that when dealing with our few iPhone friends who text, we can’t comprehend why it takes someone more than five minutes to reply. This type of expectation has been drilled in our heads, and it isn’t any easier when someone R’s your D. That knowingness that they’ve read your message makes even the non-creative of minds’ wander. And though we know how easy it is to get distracted and totally forget responding to someone else’s message, when it comes to others forgetting about us boy do we concoct the most extreme of stories. Hypocrisy much? Yes, but it is what it is, isn’t it?

Have you ever got into an argument with a friend who accused you of ignoring him or her over text or BBM? Who told you they’ve been sitting by their phone the past while solely waiting for your response? Well, I have a response to those crackberry heads and iPhone fienders alike: Pick up the phone. Place a call.

It’s been a long day and though I’m exhausted I just can’t seem to fall asleep. So I get out of bed, open up my blog and my cell and sit and text as I wonder what to write tonight. The typical 2am plots came to my head: late night food, infomercials, how weird it is that us twentysomethings wear flannel pjs with everything from sheep, fortune cookies, sushi rolls and teddy bear images on them. But just as I started to write the title of the blog, a friend sent me an accusatory text borderline telling me to not message them again, as they decided that since it’s 2am I’m clearly talking to other people as well so they shouldn’t waste their time. I let them know my phone was on silent (typical for a phone to be on at this hour) and then all was relieved…this time.

So I won’t dig into the negativity more than as indicated above. Instead I thought I’d compose a top ten list of reasons why someone may not respond to your text or BBM: The following is all based on true stories.

10) Their phone is off
9) Their phone is on silent and therefore haven’t been notified that your message came in
8) They opened the message and just before they had a chance to respond, got a phone call (which they are still on even half hour plus later)
7) Just as they pick up your message, their battery dies
6) Just as they pick up your message, their boss walks by their desk and then they totally forgot about picking up that message/needing to respond in the first place
5) They are in the shower/bathroom/sauna/hot tub/pool
4) They lost their phone
3) Their pocket and/or purse picked up your message unbeknownst to them
2) They were under the influence when you wrote them, they went to write you back then forgot you even messaged them
1) They don’t care to talk to you

Tips to Live By:

- Don’t drink and text
- Make sure not to accidentally sext a family member who just so happens to have the same name as the person you’re dating
- When someone doesn’t respond to your text or BBM and you’re starting to get worked up about it, just pick up the phone

- Blackberry Addict

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