Tears of Happiness

You’re blushing so much so, that you hide behind your hands (or nuzzle your head into his chest). You’re smitten so much so, that you need not utter words because your eyes say it all (which is likely why you’re hiding in the first place). You’re so completely happy that, just like that, tears stream down your bronzed, blushed, fragile face. You feel silly for being so overwhelmed by emotion, but you can’t seem to pinpoint the last time you felt so, happy.

Tears of happiness strike us in moments where we least expect it. They catch us so off guard, which is likely what makes them so generously genuine. We are overcome with shock. With excitement. With an ‘is this really happening to me’ kind of feel. Each salty stream is surreal. A part of me thinks tears of happiness come to distract ourselves from the actual feeling that’s happening. As a cover up to how powerful and strong our feelings are in that moment.

If you are ever so lucky as to have the pleasure of tears-of-pleasure pouring from your hazel eyes, find a lust in letting them pour. Don’t block what’s happening, from yourself or those in your presence. And next time something, anything comes up that throws you off track, bring yourself to the minute the tears came and allow yourself the right to go back to that happy place.

- Jenny Jen

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