Stop and Smell the Roses

Every week I take some time to stop and smell the roses. And then, I buy them for myself. I go home, cut off the edges and then take some time to figure out which vase they’ll look the best in.

Since my room is Holt’s bag hot pink, I’ve lately been choosing white mums – keeping it simple, yet chic, the white contrasting against the bright background tones.

But I change my flower of choice up as often as I change the OPI colour on my nails (this week ‘Jade is the New Black’). Many of us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings go for a weekly manicure or polish change and do other things that give us an extra glow and feeling of goodness. My weakness and weekly give-in: flowers.

The funkier,and brighter the bouquet the better. I have a unique taste and I think flowers can really match that uniqueness. I find choosing the right bouquet – whether it be for myself or for a friend – one of the easiest choices to make in life. How could it not be? Each bouquet says so much about a person, a mood, a day, and its purpose. When I choose a bouquet for a friend, I’m less concerned with the price – and if they have the right vase to fit it in – and more concerned about what flowers match their personality.

Picking Favourites

Most girls have a favourite flower. Mine just so happens to be peonies (see image above), oh and they just so happen to be in season around my birthday. How convenient. I was recently flipping through a magazine only to find a picture of peonies, and I actually ripped it out and placed said image next to my desk. Right next to my pink peonies – which though fabulously and obviously fake – seem to always get compliments and sentiments and really just brighten up the office. Which flower is your favourite? How do flowers make you feel?

Giving and Receiving

When I’m power walking down the street in my Lulu’s and catch a glimpse of a guy holding a bouquet of flowers I absolutely melt. I then spend the next few minutes wondering who they’re for, and picturing the person’s reaction. All done with a subtle smile on my face. Recieving flowers is such a warm feeling. It’s just such a simple way to say ‘thinking of you’ without using the words.

I find it incredibly fulfilling to give flowers to friends. I think I can confidently say that I have bought each of my close girlfriends a bouquet of flowers at one point or another, for a specific occasion. Selecting them is great because I get to integrate both of our personalities into a great bouquet. I too have been a receiver of flowers and as sappy as it is, I’d rather get flowers over a card any day (this coming from a writer!)

Livening up your Living Space

Growing up, each week my mom would fill the house with fresh flowers. I loved coming home from school on a Friday afternoon, just to see the flower of the week. There’s something about having fresh flowers in the home that just livens up the whole place. So now that I live on my own, I try to create the same mood. My vases are my most prized possession. You know the way you feel about your ever-growing shoe collection? How you pick a pair to wear that you think is perfect for wherever your pretty-little-feet are taking you? Well that’s how I feel about vases. Each one sets a different tone for the bouquet that is about to go in.

Now get up, head to the nearest florist and get yourself a bouquet to brighten your day. You’d be shocked to see the positive change in mood they promote.

- Jenny Jen

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