Stay True To Your Word

I once read a life-changing book called ‘The Four Agreements‘. The book claims that if you live by the four agreements, that you will live an easy life ridding yourself of all the poison that comes your way from both others and yourself. I try to encompass these agreements into my daily life, and have them on call all the time. One agreement is to always be true to your word. That means if you say you’re going to do something, to do it. So how does this relate to relationships? Because we can prevent our partners and they too can prevent us from disappointment all by being true to their word. Say goodbye to empty promises, to broken plans, to wondering if they ever really mean the words they seem to just say. When one lives by their word, they show us that their word matters.

Tip of the day: Only say what you mean and what you plan on seeing out.

Ladies, I know how we do. We say things we don’t mean to save face. “Nothing’s wrong” when something is “Take your time and get back to me when it’s good for you” when we are sitting on edge, phone in hand, waiting in anticipation, our day and mentality shattered as we’re on standby.

We blame boys in our lives for not reading our minds, and for not dealing with situations appropriately, but when we don’t say what is really on our minds, can we blame ‘em? A girlfriend of mine and I were chatting over cobb salads on a patio the other day, while she was complaining to me about her current squeeze pushing her aside all day. I asked her to report to me every last detail of their last convo, and I wasn’t all that surprised when she showed me the last message she sent him; one that read: “Take your time getting back to me, no pressure. Enjoy your day!” Go figure. She put herself in her own negative, on-edge situation all because she didn’t mean what she said. Her beau likely thought everything was A ok now and therefore felt no rush to get back to her.

Be more mindful of your words and before you utter them ask yourself if they are truths. If not, then re-word them so they have value. We often lead ourselves into our own path of crazy-making behaviour. Follow todays tip and ask the guy in your life to as well, so your words can have value.

- Jenny Jen

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