Six Degrees of Separation

They say everything happens for a reason. Fate. Serendipitous moments. Meeting people. Connecting. How often we hear the saying ‘It’s such a small world,’ a saying which we use to often avoid the phenomena that is the six degrees of separation from us to others whose lives we come across.

Chance meetings. Mutual friends. How wonderful, and whimsical, and oh so wondrous it is to fall upon someone, only to discover a connection. We often fall prey to the usual ‘I can’t believe it’ response, but if you are one to believe in the notion that things happen for a reason, then knowing someone, who knows someone, who knows you, is really rather riveting.

The six degrees of separation is the concept that we are separated from other people by one – to – six people. On a daily basis I observe others’ serendipitous moments, and I often partake in my own. At first there’s that feeling of irony, of camaraderie, of the pleasant nature that is comfort. Then there are those ‘I wonder what they know about me’ anxiety-inducing thoughts. Then again you are brought back to a form of connection.

The idea that we are all connected in some way doesn’t surprise me. In fact, it allows me to smile. A fulfilling part of life is connecting with others. So yes, situations will emerge when the leading man in your life is only in it, because you met him through your ex. And yes, you might meet someone really rather charming who – due to something they’ve heard about you – has a preconceived notion about who you are. But no matter how these moments of connection play out, develop a storyline and a lesson in your head, as you decide what purpose them coming in your life can serve you; what lesson you can reap from this encounter.

- Jenny Jen

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  1. Anonymous says:

    love this one! randomly meeting someone u are six degrees separated from can be a blessing in disguise! xox

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