That electric, borderline indescribable feeling where it has everything to do with chemistry. With that I-can’t-get-my-hands-off-of-you mentality that has no explanation, but has an overriding feeling.  You see a guy.  You know he see’s you.  Like a magnet you are pulled to him in some lust-hungry way.  You might not have even conversed with him yet but that pull, that feeling in your stomach, that excitement can’t be denied.  Great, empowering chemistry doesn’t come around often, so once you note that it’s there, do you act or let it pass you by?

I’m on team act.  Apparently, so is Dentyne.  Dentyne knows that fresh breath can make/break chemistry, but they wanted to find out what other elements of attraction could create sparks.  I mentioned last week about a survey the gum makers did, which was released earlier this month.  The study looked at what Canadians look for in a mate, and how to make chemistry.

You know when you get that shiver, that rush, of excitement when you meet someone who you are attracted to? This shows us that attraction leads to chemistry and chemistry leads to that first kiss.  What’s important to note however is that you can make chemistry, but you can also break chemistry.

My tips on how to make chemistry:

1) Don’t put off making a move.  If you feel something there, give in to those feelings.  So lets say you’re on a first date and all you want to do is lean in for a kiss, I say just do it.  We are often plagued by the idea of set rules, like “I can’t kiss someone on the first date,” or. “The kiss is meant to happen at the end of the date, not in the middle of it.”  There are no such thing as rules.  If it’s meant to be, it will work with this person whether you kiss them mid-date or not.  Sometimes when we wait too long to initiate something, that feeling goes lost (or worse, can head into the friend zone.)  Trust your instincts.  Rarely do they steer you wrong.

2) Be more approachable.  Someone might see you across the room, but might not approach you if you don’t come off as friendly.  Smile, be open to meeting others, and try to empower a sense of being easy going.  The Dentyne survey found that key chemistry killers were being cocky and snobby, and not having a sense of humour.  This doesn’t surprise me.  We like to surround ourselves with those who make us feel better about ourselves, not worse.  So if you’ve been told that you’re a little high maintenance, or have a tendency to give off a snobby vibe, be aware of that and try to water your ways down a notch.

3) Take a road trip.  For my Canadian readers, it should be noted that the survey also found that taking action is for the young and the French.  43% for those aged 18-34 said they would take action when they feel attracted to someone.  That number rises to 46% for those who speak French.  If you don’t dare to make a move, why not hop in a car and head out to Montreal for a weekend road trip with your single friends?

I always think that the first kiss can be a dealmaker or a deal-breaker.  You can easily judge from the moment your lips touch, whether there is that je ne sais quoi there between the two of you or not.  Join me on team act.  Making Canadians chemistry one kiss at a time.

Pucker up,

Jenny Jen

PS: My flavour is Shiver, men.

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