Role Playing
It’s that time of year. The time where we’ve accepted that we can no longer lie out on a towel-covered beach chair, soaking up the summer rays (which might I add were too few and far between this summer). The time when we are no longer out on a patio with a pitcher of sangria on a Wednesday night, drinking as if it were a Saturday night. The time when the leaves are changing colours – as is our skin tone (define pale and pasty) – and the days are getting shorter and shorter. It’s that time of year we like to call Fall, a.k.a. the time where blondes can darken their hue and get away with it, as they give the more serious, deep, dark look a test drive.
With Fall, comes cooler weather, darkness before dinner, and at times, the desire to hide beneath your 500-count duvet, and not want to escape. That is, until October 31st. Halloween. The day where we can be who we want. Not to mention, this year is an extra special Halloween, as it falls on a beloved Saturday. Something tells me anyone who is anyone (and those who are not) are going to be flocking to house parties, bars, pubs and clubs, dressed head to toe in a costume they’ve been thinking about for days; because admit it, it’s an opportunity for us to embrace our inner creativity, stand out, and have fun on the one day a year where it’s actually socially acceptable. As we pull the oh-so-comfy duvet off from on top of us with our manicured fingertips, we escape into a whole new world. So, who do you want to be?
I’ve noticed a pattern in all of my conversations as of late. Whether they are over Facebook Chat, Blackberry Messenger, Skype or over my bright pink covered Blackberry, the question on everyone’s mind is, ‘What are you dressing up as?’ I’ve had some great costumes in the past, from the PG-rated Ballerina, to Pocahontas, even to a tennis player (racket and all). These past few years I’ve tended to play down the XXX-ness many of us ladies often seek on this spooky night. Perhaps it’s because I have a niece and nephew now, and take them trick or treating before I go out. Or maybe its because I think the whole sexy witch/sexy nurse/sexy maid thing is over done, but either way I love the idea of not blending in. And really guys, how many ballerina’s (in a full, to-the-floor, tutu) do you see out at the clubs? That being said, it could also be because I’ve already basked in the day of the pushing my limits kind of costume.
I will never forget the day a girlfriend and I were invited down to Sirius Satellite Radio to do a guest appearance on Maxim Magazines’ Radio show. It was Halloween day and they were doing a special Halloween edition with us as well as Ashlee Simpson as guests. Everyone was asked to dress up in the studio. I walked in wearing my power suit (coming on a lunch break from work) and went into the washroom only to exit in an itty-bitty naughty school girl outfit. I picked it out the night before (after obsessing about each and every detail all week). Looking back at pictures today, from then, is an embarassment and a half. To think I thought it was hot enough to wear out to a club that night is beyond me. But no doubt, it got attention. That night was made up of Lou Pearlman buying me, my naughty angel friend and a select few Notre Dame Football players a few bottles of Cristal. Those were my premature twentysomething days and with age comes maturity…so I hope.
A younger friend of mine recently asked me what I plan on dressing up as this year, to which I replied Princess Jasmine. The look of horror on her face was classic. “Sexy Princess Jasmine?” she asked, as if already knowing my answer was a no. Apparently her viewpoint was that I won’t be a twentysomething forever, so I should “take advantage” of the fact that I can dress up by dressing in as little clothing as possible. I guess she has a point, though I bet if I point her in the direction of my New York Halloween pictures, i’ll have made mine.
What are your thoughts on the whole halloween costume choice? Are you for Team Slutty or Team Tame? Are you falling into the dreaded path of the couples costume your significant other is talking you into? Or are you embracing it? Feel free to share some pictures of your past Halloween costume regrets, so we can all laugh together and maybe even feel better about our past selves and former flaws in judgement.
- Jenny Jen

2 Responses to Role Playing

  1. Erin says:

    Great post Jen, and love the blog! I am wholeheartedly on the Halloween bandwagon – I start obsessing over my costume EXTREMELY early (read: January) but somehow, despite those late-night brainstorming sessions with my girlfriends, I always end up scrambling for an idea the week before. Inevitably by this point the costume stores have been picked over, and I'm stuck being…a devil, as I was for about 4 years straight in high school (I don't know what that says about me…). This year I do have an idea – it doesn't have the word "sexy" in front of it, but it's definitely inherently sexy (what is it you ask? Stay tuned for day-after Facebook photos – I never reveal my costume before the big day!). I think that there's a line between being classy sexy and being the girl dressed up as Eve wearing a couple leaves & holding an apple with a bite out of it. It's possible to wear little clothing in a strategic way – it says "tonight's a special night" but not "tonight's your lucky night." Anyway Jenny Jen I won't be with you on Saturday but I can't wait to see photos and to follow the blog to see what you get into as one of the virginal Disney characters ;) Look forward to more awesome posts!Erin

  2. Veronika says:

    I've definitely been on team slutty for the last few years when it comes to Halloween, but after seeing some startling 70% nude pics on Facebook of other girls in their "costumes" I am strongly reconsidering the whole Halloween slut look. I don't even have a costume this year.

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