Rip-your-pants-off kind of attraction

You can’t get your hands off him.  Your lips off his.  It’s like a battle of ‘Would I rather look at him or ravish him” because clearly you can’t get enough.  When your not with him, you’re texting with him, making references to inside jokes and memorable moments from the night before.  When you’re not with him you just so can’t wait til the next moment that you are.  To be in his presence is to want to be nowhere else in the world, for in that moment you have it all.  You need nothing, really.  Nothing from him.  Nothing from anyone.  Just that electric chemistry that radiates between the two of you, pulling you together in a way in which no words or logic could possibly describe.

Passion.  That, I suppose, would be the one word (if I were pressed to nail one down.)  You see they say your true match is your best friend, because that lust, that chemistry, that “initial” attraction fades over time.  Yet some couples have that and everyone, when around them can feel it.  It’s jealousy-inducing.  It’s caught in the glimpses one catches his hand grabbing her behind.  It’s caught in that first peck they give each other when you see them meet up at a bar.  It’s caught in the way their eyes indulge one another; those eyes you feel invasive for even noticing as a sheer observer.

So the question with this passion, with this life-changing, never-been-felt-with-anyone-else, overdrive of attraction chemistry felt between two individuals is: is it enough?

I’ve learned to trust my body.  To read my body.  To observe it and listen to it.  For example, when my head hurts I know something is wrong.  Perhaps I’m dehydrated, perhaps I didn’t get enough sleep.  My head-aching is my body’s cue of telling me something is wrong.  Instead of rushing to cover up that feeling with an Advil, I instead try to take care of the actual problem.  The same way us women have a sixth sense if a guy is cheating on us, or if something is off, our stomach knots up, we get shaky, our throats get choked up; these too are signs the body gives to tell us something is wrong.  Which is why, when our body and mind and heart is electric around another, when we feel like our best self and are in extreme want of that same other ad nauseum, if both partners feel the same way, I presume that’s the body’s way of saying something is very, very right. No?

– Jenny Jen

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