Putting on a Show

You know how you are sitting somewhere and you just feel someone’s eyes on you? You look up and glance where you feel the energy coming from and often-enough, you actually catch someone quickly looking away, avoiding the dreaded ‘busted’ eye-contact.

Though we often look up (curious to see whose attention we are getting) many a times we just go about our business knowing all well that someone is watching us. With this knowledge we tend to be more cautious of what we’re doing, the same way we are when we know there’s a camera or video camera around, trying to look our best with full awareness. (Think covering your mouth when you yawn, eating each bite of food with precision, etc.)

This morning I was at an early morning yoga class. Morning classes are tough because I’m not at my peak of energy; my full capacity to hit each step with balance and precision isn’t as on par as it is during afternoon classes, but today, boy was it ever. During one of those upside down poses, I noticed the guy on the mat behind me – and though I couldn’t see his face – his side profile and outfit told me just who it was; a guy I had a ‘thing’ with. Knowing he was behind me, I swear I had the best class I’ve ever had before. I worked my hardest, pin-pointed all my poses and used a strength and determination I didn’t even know I had in me, all for the egotistical-sake of putting on a show.

When the class was over, I noticed the back of the guy and since he was standing on his feet I realized he was too tall to be who I thought he was. I shrugged my shoulders, still proud that I made such a great effort in such an early class and as I bent down to roll up my mat I heard someone at the edge of my mat say “Hey you” in a deep voice.

‘Oh my god, it was him?’ I thought questioning myself. I looked up and standing there was another guy I once dated. “Did you just take this class?” I asked, totally oblivious to anyone else in the room seeing as though I was so preoccupied with who I assumed was behind me. Turns out this other gent from my little black book was in the same class the whole time.

Isn’t it funny how caught up we get in certain thoughts? I smiled to myself thinking my hard work was in fact worth it, and from now on I should practice with the same determination as I do when I think someone else is watching me. Not only on the yoga mat, but in outer surroundings, it’s important to always put our best face forward. As seen today, you just never know who might be watching.

Just looking through friends Facebook albums, it’s almost hilarious to see so many background happenings: Couples arguing in the background of the picture, friends making out. I can guarantee you sweet thang, you have definitely been the subject of a background photo and you’ve likely been out somewhere where someone you know has seen you (just didn’t do the is-it-or-isnt-it-mandatory-hello. So put your game face on and ‘dance like everyone’s watching’ as they say.

Say cheese.

- Jenny Jen

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