Presenting You With a Present

Us women hear the words gift and present and do we ever roar. And boy can that last sentence come off diva-ish and make us women look like greedy-little-gold-diggers. But I know that you know exactly what gets us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings going. It isn’t necessarily about the actual present itself, but instead, we like getting gifts because they make us feel special and appreciated. We like the idea that someone out there is thinking of us and knows just what to do to put a smile on our pretty little faces.

The excitement that comes with the idea of someone getting us a little something, is all about the idea of what it is, it’s cache, it’s meaning, it’s value, it’s sentiment…dare I go on? From birthdays, to anniversaries to just little reminders of love here and there, most of us twentysomething women can’t resist flirting with the idea of getting gifts, and when a box (or envelope) is handed to us from a special someone, we can’t help but let out the inevitable smile.

Last week I was sitting ever-so-calmly in my bubble bath, with the flickering of candlelight shining from my new glass candle with a studded black J on it (yes, it was a gift). This candle solely lit the room, until I noticed flashing coming from my pink-covered Blackberry Tour. Though my phone was on silent (as it always is when I take some down time to relax in the bath), the flashing light was a symbol that I had an awaiting message. I reached for my phone, my curiosity killed the cat yet again. To my surprise the message was from a male friend of mine who wanted advice on what to get his girlfriend for their one year anniversary.

A little turquoise box flashed into my imagination and I told him I knew just the place for us to go. When the weekend came, he picked me up from my apartment according to schedule, and we headed over to a modest little jewelers I know called Tiffany & Co. Since I know his girlfriend and her style (as well as his price range), I was able to make my selections and narrow down his choice. We stood there as he debated over two necklaces, when I told him to just follow his heart. When he made his decision I saw a sparkle in his eyes that mimicked the sparkle of the diamond in the heart-shaped key necklace he chose. I went home and back to reality that night and felt like I was glowing. I was so happy to be a part of making someone else happy and I hear she put the necklace on as soon as she unwrapped her present which spoke unsaid words.

What is the best present you’ve ever received? Was it something flashy? Something that made your friends jealous? Or was it something priceless and ridiculously thoughtful – proof that this person notices the little things you say and picks up on your interests and wants, a present that just makes you melt and scream that romance isn’t dead?

I have both given presents that have made the receivers cry out of happiness and shock and have received presents that made me feel the same.

Sometimes something as simple as a card filled with writing from the heart, can be the greatest gift of all.

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