Post-Date Night
My hipster friend and I ended up at this quaint, trendy French restaurant on Harbord called Tati, last night. We started off with a bottle of wine and the cheese plate, and managed to make our way through steak frites and mussels for her. The food was ok, the service was ok, but the conversation and the wine were above and beyond.
Men. Sex. Love. Money. Fashion. Am I forgetting anything?
Men: What defines the men we fall for. What deters us from the ones we ignore. What type of men do we attract. Which men have shaped us to hold the views we have now towards men.
Sex: A basic who, what, where, why, when, how discussion, with an extra admission on my friends part of her most in-the-moment, shocking behaviour beneath the covers.
Love: Lost and Lust. Comparisons. Need for it, want for it/need to avoid it, want to avoid it complex. Lessons learned.
Money: Who pays for what when, in regards to dates and dining/drinking with the opposite sex. Issues. Expenses. Love for it.
Fashion: Our outfits (we both arrived to our Date Night in LBD’s). Other diners outfits. Trends.
We were the the lone ranger table for two, surrounded by middle aged couples on double dates and a few group parties. A well put together couple walked in hand-in-hand (think Brad and Ange, but not as beautiful, which made them so much more realistic) and we spotted them whispering sweet nothings for to one another. My friend made mention something to the envious effect, and I totally reframed her thought. We are the lucky ones – it’s a Saturday night and we have it all. As we eyed the double daters around us, I said to her “That is going to be us in a few years, and we are going to be looking over at the table with two well dressed, fun, free, twentysomethings in complete jealousy. Remember ‘when-ing’ and ‘I-wish-that-was-us-ing’ like there’s no tomorrow.”
As the evening progressed, the lights got dimmer, the restaurant started to empty, and our feet began tapping to the tunes softly played in the background. We easily paid our bill – which I want to take a second to discuss, in a second – and went on our way. Easy Bill Paying = not questioning whose meal was $4 more, who drank how many glasses of wine from the bottle and then calculating. Split bill, generous tip, done and done, night continues with ease and unawkwardness. There is nothing worse than going for a meal and arguing over a couple dollars. Classic case of Uneasy Bill Paying = once went on a dinner date. Bill came and we split it 50/50. ‘Date boy’ asked the waiter for $2 back, and when the waiter gave him a toonie, he asked for two loonies instead, and then proceeded to give me one. Cheap much? I told him to just keep the loonie, that ‘I’m not that hard up for cash.’ Anyways, back to Date Night, my friend and I pulled out our Blackberries and started figuring out the rest of our evenings’ plan. We stopped into a convenient store where we got Sugar Free Red Bull, our drug of choice, and engaged in drunken banter with the stores owner, who promoted an in store photo shoot. Hot. And this was just the appetizer of our night. It was followed with two different house visits, a hidden gem bar and a long cab ride home.
Having a great friend to go out with makes a night. As Dave Matthews sings, “Turns out not where but who you’re with that really matters.” Below, are some of our fave celeb besties past and present.

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