Polkaroo is the character from the Polka Dot Door – a Canadian children’s TV series – who would appear seemingly out of nowhere and would only appear when the male host wasn’t on set. Whenever the male host would come back he was always disappointed that he missed Polkaroo, a character who would come and go so often that you would have to wonder whether he really existed or whether he’s just a figure of your imagination.

Do you have a Polkaroo in your life? A guy who contacts you off and on, always seemingly out of nowhere. There seems to be no consistency on when you will hear from him next and when he’ll make but a cameo in your life.

A fellow twentysomething friend of mine was talking to me about her Polkaroo and I started to think that maybe she only hears from him when he’s bored and needs a quick pick me up. Perhaps he has nothing else on the go in the wonderful world world of dating, and pops back into her life when his is dull.

If you respond to a Polkaroo-type when you hear from him, you too are playing a part in this one-day-you-see-me/one-day-you-don’t type of relationship. Perhaps this person thinks you don’t even mind it since you always seemingly comply. Furthermore, since you always comply you really send off that way too available vibe. Harsh, and I’m so sorry for having to say that to you. But someone has to pretty lady.

The other style of Polkaroo is the one who contacts you with enthusiasm to get together, make plans, go on a date. He initiates the contact, makes arrangements and then – for whatever reason – he doesn’t follow through.

Either way, someone who only reaches out to you on their terms and sporadically at that, isn’t someone who is suddenly going to change. No matter what you tell yourself darling, this time isn’t going to be the time that he’s changed and will not pull this David Copperfield disappearing act on your all-way-too-accepting hot ass.

How about you make a Polkaroo of yourself and disappear from this question-mark of a guy. I hope he like’s his medicine nice and cold.

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