Peace Out, Extensions!

There is nothing more horrifying than getting hot and heavy with a guy who is so into the moment that he starts pulling your hair, and pulls out an extension. I’m all for beauty and looking your optimal hotness, but the accidental-extension-pull-out not only embarrasses you, but it freaks him out too.

I remember a scene in an episode of ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ where Will is in the basement with his girlfriend and he slowly finds out everything about her looks are fake:; he finds out her beautiful green eyes were just beautiful green contact lenses, that her thick main was in fact thick hair extensions, that her long nails were clip ons, etc. I vowed while watching that episode in my tender tweens, that I would never be that girl. So much for vows.

I may be blonde, and I may be bronzed, but I had some extensions lying around and thought the more blonde the better and clipped them in my hair before heading out to meet a boy. We chatted, we laughed, we caught up and I totally forgot about the extensions. It wasn’t until he was – don’t worry, I won’t go all Harlequin on you – tugging my hair a little that I noticed he pulled it out. I wasn’t sure in the moment if I should make some sort of witty, me-type comment or whether I should save it for a well-needed blog post.

Hair extensions are the new granny panty. We put clip them in not knowing that in mere hours a boys hand will be romantically brushing through them at the expense of our appeal and self esteem. As for granny panties, even the most lingery-savvy of us have a few pairs stocked away in one of our drawers and we wear them at times that we are certain we aren’t getting any. Isn’t it funny that those are always the times that something goes down?

I love my hair. I love my hair even more when I’m wearing the extensions, but the stress of the ‘Can he feel them?’, ‘Will he accidently pull them out?’, ‘Will one pop open?’ is just so not worth it.

Peace out, extensions!

- Jenny Jen

2 Responses to Peace Out, Extensions!

  1. VeronicaGlam says:

    I must say I am a fan of extensions but definitely feel more "me" and comfortable without them…although I must say, extensions somehow transform me! ;)

  2. emily☆ says:

    bahah! my now ex boyfriend was totally weirded out by my extensions and would insist that I take them out before he would touch my hair! lol

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