Partner(s) in Crime

A partner in crime is someone who you do everything with. She is your other half in a friendship kind of way. You know when you want to do x that your partner in crime will be there by your side, doing it too. Whether an invite comes your way, or you want to try that hot new restaurant (that you need to make a reservation for weeks in advance), you can count on your fellow blondette to be by your side.

When we were tweens and teens, we seemed to have just one partner in crime (she was likely the one who also wore the “Be Fri” half of your “Best Friends” necklace). But now however, we are twentysomethings on the go. From yoga classes, to weekly mani/pedis, to checking out sports games, to even concerts, we seem to have a certain friend we hit up to join us, knowing they too like to do that specific thing, and know they will be great company to have by our side.

In a day in age where variety reigns supreme, we have been selective little blondes searching for the ideal partner for whatever the specific x is. For example, I have a travel buddy. This particular friend is my friend of all friends who I like to travel with. We travel great together. When on a vacation we like the same type of hotels, restaurants, events and need to take tons of photographs. We also both like the same types of destinations. So she has made her way into my ‘partner in crime’ book, under the ‘travel’ chapter.

In a Sex and the City episode, Stanford says he has three therapists:

Stanford: How can you not have a shrink? This is Manhattan. Even the shrinks have shrinks. I have three.
Carrie: No, you don’t.
Stanford: Yes, one for when I want to be cuddled, one for when I want tough love and one for when I want to look at a beautiful man.
Carrie: That’s sick!
Stanford: Which is why I see the other two.

In the above scene, we see that everyone has a certain person they go to, dependant on their wants. So my fellow blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings…what prompts you to call/bbm/Facebook message/text a certain friend asking them to do x with you? Why them?

We seem to know that certain friends are the one’s we want by our side for certain things, making that experience all the more fun and complete. Take a look at who you choose for specific things and maybe even change it up. You may be pleasantly surprised that your travel buddy makes a great sports-event friend.

- Jenny Jen

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