One of ‘em Days

It’s been one of those months. You know, the type where everything that can go wrong, does. Yet despite the mirage of events that have happened to me this month, I close off March with a feeling of full completeness. Of happiness. Of content.

Numerologists say the number 27 is one that represents complete fullness. Today, on the 27th, I feel just that.

The Bad That Partook in March:

- my laptop broke (thanks to a drink in a long stemmed glass that spilt on the center of my MacBook key pad)
- my car died on the DVP (Toronto highway) during morning rush hour on the snow infused road
- my beloved yoga mat (wrapped in a beautiful vintage scarf which was a gift given to me that held sentiment) was stolen from my yoga studio
- the woman I was temping for at an office job (that helped donate to my ‘spending account’) came to its inevitable end
- my BlackBerry was on the fritz there for a good week or so.

But as each event happened one at a time, instead of overreacting and making each situation worse than it was, I instead accepted each as it happened. Sure it would cost a few thousand to replace my cars’ engine, and another thousand at least to replace my Mac, but it’s just money and that money can help me solve the problems. I realized that I was fortunate enough that I was able to pull over to the shoulder of the highway before the car died, and I was in a safe (albeit cold) spot. I was lucky enough that my MacBook’s hard-drive managed to fight a winning battle, and though my computer needs to be replaced, the hard-drive (and tons of my pieces of writing) are safe and sound. And yes it’s unfortunate that my temporary extra money on the side job was ending, because those paychecks would’ve been rather useful with the whole carless/laptopless thing I gots’ going on. But how lucky I am to now have my days free to use at my leisure; to focus on the more important things in my life, my writing (paper to pen for now – except for when I get to borrow my boys MacBook) and my yoga practice (which is now done on one of the studios rental mats, a quick fix to my missing mat situation). And how lucky I am to realize that all these situations revolve around ‘items’ that are replaceable. My friendships, relationships and family are solid. I am certain that the attitude I took in regards to all these situations is one that has even strengthened my closest relationships. This is because people are magnetically pulled to others who breed a sense of clarity and comfort. I feel at peace what I am putting out and hopefully sharing this attitude and perspective will allow others to do the same. To not go into overdrive in the moment that issues arise, to have an ease instead of an anxiety prevail within your state.

Today, my brother had his first child, my niece, Hannah Eve named after my late mother. Though this would’ve been a monumental day for my mom, instead of feeling sad for my brother to not have her support, I feel a strength in knowing that Hannah has my mom forever imbedded in her in her name. In her title. By seeing the glass half full and using my perception of the situation to make my fate, I took unfortunate and costly circumstances and wrote them as both learning curves and experience. Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments where I give myself guilt, like not being able to blog for stretches of time this month since I didn’t have much access to laptop use. This guilt came with the thoughts that I let my readers down and would maybe lose the daily ones for lack of updates. But I then let go of those thoughts and feelings and accepted that it is what it is and things will work themselves out. They always do.

We need not ruin our present – no matter how disruptive it seems – by giving into thoughts or anxiousness. We should instead breathe and appreciate each moment, as we acknowledge that things could always be worse off.

- Jenny Jen

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