OMG Why Has He Not Messaged Me Back?

You log onto Facebook chat and scroll down the list to see who else is online. Those who are online have a green circle next to their name; those who have been away from their computer for sometime have a blue half moon looking thing next to theirs. But the question that begs to be asked is how many minutes does someone have to be gone for, in order for the green circle to transform into a blue half moon? Because let’s face it, there are definitely times when you think you’re being ignored because you see the green circle, when in fact dude went into his kitchen to make himself a dinner (unbeknownst to you of course.)

Have you been known to sit on Facebook doing the whole should I/shouldn’t I-message thing. Then when you give in and message someone and get no response back, you allow your blonde head to wander? You begin to wonder and worry why the person has yet to message back, followed by giving yourself somewhat of a hard time in an ‘I knew I shouldn’t have messaged’ kind of way. And this goes on and on until the blue moon appears next to the person’s name and then you suddenly feel a sense of relief (mixed with a sense of embarassment) that you just wasted all that time telling stories to yourself.

I get it ladies, we all fear rejection. Even from something as small as a message. When we initiate conversation, we leave the opportunity to get no response. Sometimes I agree that it’s important to notice if someone does or doesn’t respond and to take it for what it is, but at other times I think we should all just chill out a bit. We are so used to everything happening in the moment. A friend and I were talking today. I messaged him on Facebook chat when I noticed he hadn’t responded to a private message I sent him the night prior about a job opp for him. He joked ‘what is this, Facebook on Demand?’ I couldn’t help but laugh (and then admitted I liked the sounds of that.)

Just know – you blonde, bronzed, beauty you – that you’re not alone. We’ve all been there before. Ok so that may not cheer you up, but I was totally banking on that whole power-in-numbers thing. In any case If you’re going to go ahead and message someone, make sure you are able to handle the fact that they a) may not respond in a timely manner and, b) may not respond at all. But hey, better that you try to message and not live in ‘what if’ land. That land is so passe.

- Jenny Jen


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