‘No Company’ Is Better Than ‘Bad Company’

When we don’t have plans on the weekend, we often find ourselves scrolling up and down our phone contact list, a look through our little black book if you will. We want to find someone, anyone, to keep us company. To have someone to do something with. We have the urge to go out, so we wonder ‘who can we call or message that just might be free?’ (even though it’s last minute on a Saturday night). But when times are tough and we are in this desperate state, we must remind ourselves the reality that is bad company.

We tend to lower the bar that is our standards, the later it gets in the evening. Anyone will do the trick, we think to ourselves as we send out some ‘feeler’ messages to see where so and so is at, and if so and so wants to do x or y with us. But asking out acquaintances that you rarely ever see (let alone message) is the definition of an all-time social low. So, put that phone down to take a moment to remind yourself the negative energy that comes with bad company. With friends who don’t mesh with you. With friends (or acquaintances) that bring you down/are flighty with plans/who ditch you when you get to a bar for a boy/who never want to grab a round in return.

Instead, let go of the idea of going out for a night on the town, and accept that tonight it just won’t happen. Indulge in some ‘me time’. We are often so go, go, go that we want to make plans (almost habitually) to keep on keeping on. But why not stop and savour your evening by doing things that you often push aside, that you know would make you smile?

Here are my ‘me time’ go-to’s:

- a season of sex and the city in the DVD player
- candles and incense lit
- dim lighting in the room
- a eucolyptus bubble bath
- my book club book
- a glass (or two) of white wine
- testing out a new recipe and cook myself a delicious and nutritious dinner
- bake a vegan friendly dessert
- late night yoga class
- catch up on my fave blogs

What are your ‘me time’ go-to’s? Do you agree no company is better than bad company?

- Jenny Jen

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2 Responses to ‘No Company’ Is Better Than ‘Bad Company’

  1. Edmund says:

    Very well written and thoughtful. Edmund

  2. Chronicler says:

    I never thought of going through my phone as being equivalent to a black book, but I guess you’re right. This isn’t the worst thing in the world is it?! It’s the for a reason!

    Joking aside, my go-to’s are:
    – a good lineup of music on the speakers
    – a blank piece of paper or canvas to either write, or paint [this could also be write an article]
    – definitely some incense like you said
    – a movie from THE list
    – a walk through the night
    – my guitar



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