My Passion For Fashion

As much as I have a lust for writing, yoga and all things relationship oriented, fashion is another passion of mine.  Whether I’m going to an event, doing a segment on Canada AM or even just hitting up a cafe to write my heart out at, I’m always cautious of what piece I put on that day.  Everything from what I wear, to my nail polish colour, to how I wear my hair is all orchestrated in hopes of making me feel a certain way; in hopes of breeding a sense of both confidence and creativity.

I strongly believe that what we wear (underwear included) affects how we feel.  Our mood can be made through something as simple as an outfit.  Clothing and accessories and perfume and the works can work wonders on ones psyche.  When I’m on deadline for articles I often through on something kooky, since the most out-there of my wardrobe tends to breed the utmost of my creativity.

For me it’s not about dressing for other people.  It’s not about trying to get guys to see me in a certain way.  Instead, I dress simply for me.  You know how – before a night out – you often debate between two totally different outfits to wear?  I think we do this because one is the outfit we actually want to wear, and the other is the outfit we think that people want us to wear.  I say, trust your gut.  We feel like our most confident selves when we follow our hearts and do what makes us happy.

I was recently approached by Huffington Post Canada’s Style section about having them do a feature on me and my versatile look.  Until that comes out I thought I’d share a few different looks for different recent segments/events/girls nights with you.  I was gifted with the most flirty, romantic little numbers from one of my favourite Toronto stores, honey. I tend to hit up that store whenever I’m looking for a new piece, since the styles there are playful, fun and unique.  I also tend to dawn bling by Rebekah Price and have worked personally with the founder on matching her pieces with whatever look I have planned.

Here are some of my most recent looks:

Above: Sotheby’s event.

Above: Canada AM

Above: CTV News Channel

Above: CTV News Channel.

The Dean Blundell Show.

CTV News

All clothing is from Honey and all jewellery by Rebekah Price.  My saviours.

– Jenny Jen

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