My bags are packed, I’m ready to play


For most couples, a weekend getaway seems sufficient enough to break free from the day to day hustle and bustle, to get some alone time and to build some much needed intimacy that can get lost in our daily routine.  For a relationship columnist however, I’m always looking to one-up my time and want to curate romantic experiences, outside the box.  Which is why, when I was approached by Durex Savvy Lover to represent Canada at their Durex Lovers Academy, in Venice, Italy, my response was ‘tell me when to pack.’

And so, here I sit, lululemon clad, glass of prosecco by my side, in front of an iPad at Toronto Pearson International Airport, with butterflies dancing in my yoga-toned tummy.  I’m awaiting my flight to the romantic city of Venice, which boards within the hour.  I am going with a lucky male companion to take part in the Durex Experiment, which essentially will offer us a series of sexual scenarios, developed by Durex in conjunction with leading industry experts, designed to stimulate a person and their partner in a whole new way.  As opposed to focusing on sex, the experiment will focus on the mentality behind it.  How great sex starts in your head, with emotional chemistry, not just the physical.

From a sunset tour of Venice, to waterside dinner under the stars, and a meal at Venice’s most romantic resto, love is sure to be in the air.  I’ll be staying at the five star Molino Stucky.

I’ll be writing at exclusive piece for ELLE Canada‘s FEB 2014 issue on the Durex Experiment, Lovers Academy and the results of the said experiment (there will be another 11 couples there from 11 different countries across the world,) as well as some of the sensual and unusual scenarios and situations I’ve learned.

I’ll be Tweeting and sharing my experience (and PG rated photos) with you all on the trip, so if you don’t already, follow me on Twitter @jen_kirsch.  Perhaps you’ll learn a little something something to share with your other half.  I certainly can’t be selfish and have all the fun now, can I?


– Jenny Jen

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