Miss You (A song by The Rolling Stones)

To miss is to remember in a way likely tainted.  Likely confused.  Something as simple as a trigger could remind us of something we once had, even if it had been so far from our mind up until that point.  And so when we realize that in which we miss, we have some choices to make.  We can distract and destruct by drinking, by focusing on anything but.  We can soak up the sadness and run wild in our head of the then’s vs. the now’s.  Or we can do what I would say is the healthiest of options: accept that though we might miss them, be realistic at what lead us apart in the first place and realize where we have come since then; how we’ve developed.

There are going to be good days.  There are going to be great days.  But every now and then, there will be tough days or days that test your strength.  It’s those days which allow your true character to seep out.  It’s those hard moments (and not the easy-to-come-by ones) that really show you just how strong you are.  Just what you are in control of.

So don’t lose control and don’t give an off day the benefit of taking over you, your emotions, your psyche.  When we accept things as they are, we let them out in the open and they can pass us by.  But when you push them down or hide beneath plans and distractions you can be doing yourself more harm than good.

Reach out to a friend or family member if the going get’s tough.  They are there to remind you of the reality of it all and to provide you with that inner strength you may have forgotten momentarily that you withhold.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: speaking up and asking for a shoulder or an ear doesn’t make one weak.  In fact, it makes one more strong because it shows that you are willing to admit to your flaws and faults and not fear judgment.

But it’s your current support network that can help you and not the one you’re missing.  Life is about growing, about moving forward.  Don’t act out of these raw, momentary feelings but instead observe them with one you trust and let them pass you by.  Tomorrow, it will be but a distant memory, just like them.

– Jenny Jen

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One Response to Miss You (A song by The Rolling Stones)

  1. Grace Pamer says:

    Beautifully put Jenny. Time really is the great healer. The problem is when you’re in the middle of that time and you know you’ve still got a long way to go. At such points that saying seems trite to those in pain but I know it really is one of life’s very simple truths, namely, no matter how impossible or painful it is now one day it will simply be a distant memory.

    I’ll tweet this out shortly as its a post worth being shared!

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