Maintaining Momentum: How To Upkeep Your Good Day

If you wake up on the proverbial right side of the bed, you are then forced to maintain this buzz of happiness and motivation throughout your day. Because, who in their right mind would want to let that feeling go? That ‘feeling’ is one that motivates and provides strength. It pushes us to use our positivity and share it with the world. Some days, we just have it. The ‘it’ is key in setting out a sunshiny day for ourselves. We finally are able to conquer that, which we’ve been putting off.

It days for me are ones in which I wake up early. Like two hours early. I use that time to hang out and relax with The Boy before our work days kick in come 9 am. By this time I feel like I’ve been privileged to have had the morning bonding/relaxing time that when it comes time to work, I really give it my all. I pour 120 percent into my work and day and I use my positivity to help others as well.

On days where the mood is right, really do it all. Conquer that entire to-do list, fully and completely. Respond to the emails that have been sitting in your inbox; everyone deserves some sort of response. Pay your parking tickets, get your roots done, get your chipped nails manicured, take that yoga class you’ve been meaning to take. See a friend for coffee on your lunch break – especially if they are someone you haven’t had (or have made) time for as of late. Sit out in the sun for a bit just because you can, with the knowingness that you’ll get back to work and make up for the time you gave yourself to soak up the rays.

The way the world works is through energy. Our energy is contagious. If we are on a roll, happy, on our A game, and putting our best pedicured-foot forward, others will sense that and will want more of us and our capabilities in their life. So maintain this momentum, and go to sleep feeling as fulfilled as one can. And, when you wake up tomorrow, if your energy isn’t as refreshing as it was yesterday, remind yourself how great you were able to make yourself feel. You have it within you; by accomplishing things and being an active member of your own life, you and others can reap the benefits.

- Jenny Jen

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