Live for you, Live for now

This past week I was reminded how lucky we all are just to have breath, and how quickly life can pass us by. No matter what our age, things happen that aren’t within our control. I find it so interesting how easy it is to let life pass by, to push things aside, to leave our dirty work for another day. To leave the questions and queries we have unanswered, excusing ourselves by being busy with other things.

This reminder is one that we all need. Are you pushing someone or something aside? A phone call you’ve been dreading? Visiting a grandparent? Reaching out to a friend? Making amends? Figuring out where you stand with the person you are seeing? Resolving a fight? Saying I love you? Saying I care?

We all hold back, yet the saying ‘too little too late’ is all too true. There’s a time when these things being pushed aside will form a sense of regret within you. There’s no turning back the clocks. To live in the moment and to trust your instincts is to live a more full and complete life.

When we lose someone or something, we often feel a sense of loss and appreciation; one that we didn’t have originally. I can’t report as to why we don’t realize what we have when we have it, but I can create an awareness so we can all be more mindful so we can enjoy life as it plays out.

This morning I woke up and was able to feel a sense of gratefulness. In that moment I didn’t concern myself with a mental playlist of my to do list for the day, nor did I wake up to open my eyes to a busy mind thinking about the future (what to wear, what I need to do, what I’m going to make to eat, etc.) Instead I took in my surroundings, took in each breath and smiled, worry free before the noise and nuances of the day begun.

I don’t expect you worriers and obsessors to suddenly drop your thoughts, but you can control your happiness to a degree. If you know there’s something you should do or some business you have in a current conflicted state, take care of it. In turn you’ll feel way more at peace with yourself and less worrisome. With this comes a sense of fulfilment and in turn draws others in to you. To give is to get.

- Jenny Jen

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