The Equivalent of the Little Turquoise Box, For Him

When giving gifts, we all want to be labeled as the best gift giver ever.  It’s sort of this innate want that we all have, because let’s face it, it feels good to give and to be appreciated for that in which we provide others.  I don’t know about you, but I often struggle when it comes to gift giving.  There’s just so much to think about including the persons wants, needs, my price range, and of course, coming up with something creative enough that it will be memorable.  When getting a gift for a partner, I want it to really stick out so I can wear the label as best gift giver, aka better gift giver than anyone in his past.  Basically, I want to give a gift which is the equivalent of the little turquoise box, for him. Which is why, when I came across a company called Manpacks, I knew I’d be set for life.

I’m a writer so I fall for words.  The companies name alone put a smile across my face in and of itself.  So what is Manpacks?  Essentially it is a subscription based gifting service that delivers a package of all the must-have items gents might need, right to their doorstep every three months.  Think toothbrushes, underwear, deodorant, razors – the items that he no doubt needs, but the delivery service takes the effort away from him having to go to the store and pick all these things up (and out for that matter.  You get to create your own delivery packages based on the price range that works best for you.

How does it work?  Basically you hit up their website, create your specific Manpack (by choosing what you want this special someone to receive from a list of various options,) and before each delivery he is notified via email to expect a package.  Should he so choose, he can rush or delay a delivery to meet his needs and if he’s not pleased with what he receives, the company is more than willing to take it back and exchange it for something else, as per their ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ policy.  When you enter the site you’ll see a list of things from boxers (ranging from basic ones to designer branded pairs) and various items such as basic T’s and even a little boys section (how adorable?)  The best part for you, lady love, is that you now get a say in those basic items he has.  Say goodbye to those holy boxers (finally) and hello to a woman-made man.

When to gift it?  This makes an easy and cool birthday present, as it’s the gift that keeps on giving, but you can also gift it to him as a just because.  If your gent is a chivalrous dude who never lets you reach for the bill, perhaps this is a sweet gesture where you can give back to him in your own way.  Since you have a say of what goes into the package, this Manpack need not be for just your partner.  This can make a good Father’s Day gift, or perhaps a birthday present for a brother.

Oh and because we’re too busy as it is between work, yoga classes and making time for him, we can easily make our Manpack gift selection online.  Way to look like a hero with the littlest effort possible.

Let’s go shopping, bitches!

– Jenny Jen

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