Life is for the living

To go to bed.  To be lost in sleep.  To not have to deal with the day to day stresses.  To avoid.  To dream a dream that is better than the reality of the day.

“Sleeping is caving in.  No matter what the time is.  Sleeping is caving in.  So lift those heavy eyelids.” – Arcade Fire

Sometimes days are harder than others.  Sometimes Sunday is the loneliest day in the week.  But why allow yourself to get lost in sleep, as opposed to targeting what exactly it is that makes you want to escape in it in the first place?  One might mistakenly believe that sleep is a healthy way to deal with issues, especially since it avoids drinking, emotional eating or other more seemingly significant satisfactory – yet destructive – ways to avoid, but that is but a myth.

Should you need to escape, should you need to let go and give your mind a break from negative thoughts, anxiety or scenarios, than why not escape into a book?  Perhaps one that can distract you enough and entertain you, and yet allow you to still be awake, to still deal with your emotions in a healthy way?  Why not force yourself to put on a pretty little outfit and make plans with some of your most uplifting friends whose energy is contagious, and go out and celebrate how lovely life can be?

As the weather gets cooler and the days end earlier, it becomes ever so easy to hibernate in our homes.  But by doing that we are missing out on our evenings, on our nights, on time that we can never get back.  I get that sometimes dreams – especially intense ones – can allow you go to a place that seems comforting.  But to realize that it’s an escape is to realize that it’s time to take control.  To wake up.  To not nap.  To not sleep your days away.  When you can target what’s making you hibernate and deal with it head on, you can not only release a weight off your shoulders, but also can begin living.  For once, for all.

– Jenny Jen

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  1. its almost as if you wrote this for me. especially about hibernating in our homes I haven’t been feeling like doing anything outside a home lately.

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