Let go

I used to be scared.  I used to be afraid.  To say what I thought.  To admit what I thought.  Of judgment.  Of disapproval.  Of being.  But then I grew up.  I was met with some circumstances that life threw my way for one reason or another.  I didn’t like how I dealt.  It was easier to blame others for my reaction.  To play victim, albeit unknowingly.  To feel trapped with no way out.  To feel alone.  To not speak up.  That is until I realized my thoughts and feelings of – at times – helplessness was what were actually holding me back.  Because what we don’t seem to know is that how we feel is solely dependent on ourselves.  On what we tell ourselves.  No one can bring us down if we don’t let them.  No one can take our power away if we don’t allow them to.  The truth is, I might be a writer, but we are all the authors of our own life story.  So to write a comedy, a drama, or whatever the genre is of choice, is your doing.  Realize this and you can be happy and free forever.

Is someone holding something you did/said/admitted to over your shoulders?  Is someone bringing toxic energy in your life?  Are you catching yourself editing yourself around certain people, afraid of their response?  These aren’t healthy thoughts and feelings.  These aren’t healthy communications.  Staying in a toxic relationship whether it be romantically, with family or with friends, does nobody but yourself a disservice.  When you accept your circumstances and let go of your fear, you will be met with freedom; with a weight lifted from your yoga-toned shoulders.  So say, speak, act, do that which feels right to you.  That which comes with ease and positive intentions.  Trust that gut feeling in your stomach when things are off and take action accordingly.

We can all conquer our fears by accepting them head-on.  Look at that in which you resist and wash that resistance over with the pureness of truth; of acceptance.

– Jenny Jen

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