Less him, more you

You’re happy.  You’re glowing.  You’re the best version of yourself yet.  You’re keeping busy doing your thing and everything is almost too easy; too good to be true.  Except for him.  Him being the gent in your life.  The one who makes you do things you could never see the now-you doing.  Like staying out with girlfriends post patio-dinners to indulge in yet another unnecessary drink, because maybe you just so happen to be in his area.  Because maybe you just so happen to hope to hear back from him.  Because maybe if you do, you’ll be available to see him.

With waiting comes excusing.  Saying to yourself: it’s ok to wait around for him because he’s likely busy (even though you may have written him to let him know you’d be in his neighbourhood hours before.)  Let me tell you this dolls: when men are interested, they commit to plans.  No no, not only do they commit to plans, but they might even skip the gym or drinks with the boys or scheduled plans to ensure they don’t miss the opportunity of getting to see your fine yoga-toned tuchas.  So who is that version of you sitting around, slowly sipping, waiting for your phone to buzz?  Not one you’re likely proud of.  And why?  Because you are not in control in this moment.  You are waiting on someone else.  You’re giving your power away.  You’re letting someone elses action (or lack thereof) control your own because they’re dependent on his response.

The best way to be is to make decisions in the best interest of yourself.  If you catch yourself waiting around, or hoping, or doing things to ensure you get to spend time with him, do what you would do normally.  Don’t go out with friends on the weekend in hopes of seeing him, if you’d rather be at home in bed with a book and a green tea.  If things are going so well for you, why are you giving someone else the opportunity to disappoint you.  In this case, you are disappointing yourself.  Realize this so you can always have pure intentions.  Dating should be easier and free of games and waiting and wondering and doing things you’d rather not in an attempt to be available.

Live your life.  Love your life.  The guy who is meant for you will be attracted to this trait.  Will be willing to be more flexible so meeting up and/or going out works for both your schedules.  But remember we teach people how to treat us.  What message are you sending?  Time to change the dynamic and go back to your happy little dreamy self, non? Chin up.

– Jenny Jen

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2 Responses to Less him, more you

  1. Grace Pamer says:

    Jenny you hit it there. Never a truer word said. I remember being that girl waiting out in an area on the off chance of the romantic random bump into each other. I don’t think it really worked then or by the sounds of it now. As you say if someone is into you then they will move their plans to see you. If you move your plans to just be in an area on the hope of seeing them, well… yes doesn’t sound good.

    Keep up the beautiful writing. I love the honesty.

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