Jet-setting Repercussions

There’s nothing like packing your Louis Vuitton luggage (leaving lots of space for inevitable purchases) and heading to the airport ready to embark on a weekend (or full week) retreat, open to whatever it is that that entails. Being a jet-setter is one of the great gifts in life. Come one, come all; leave your troubles behind and bask in the joy that is ‘vacationing.’ With your bags packed, passport in hand and an open mind you’re good to go, likely the envy of friends and the anticipation from others that you’ll come back with romantic (or juicy) stories. Oh, and a massive phone bill.

Vacations tend to open the doors to indulging in everything from magnificent meals, to your partner (or if your single, engaging in a ‘fling’). When we are out of our area code, we tend to let loose and let luxury and ‘being in the moment’ override our sanity. Five course meals? Absolutely. Out until 5 a.m? You know it. Doing it five times a day? At least.

We justify these indulgences to ourselves by saying ‘While I’m on vacation, may as well…’ Whether it’s getting too much sun or sitting at the all-inclusive bar, we ‘While I’m on Vacation’-up a storm. That saying makes each thing we do seem acceptable.

I know the cravings I give into on vacations: overspending on “fancy” dinners, too much sun (and by too much I mean I don’t leave the sun until it sets and I’m kicked off the lawn chair by hotel staff) and most recently (and embarrassingly) my BlackBerry.

Last month I went on a girls-getaway to Las Vegas for a quick pick-me-up. All went exactly as planned and I got just the fix I needed. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas though, because I got my phone bill today and it sure was glitzy, but it wasn’t glamorous. “$300?!” I exclaimed out loud to myself (yes, I talk to myself in these sort of ‘in shock’ moments). I scanned down my phone call history and was shocked that:

a) My phone call history was with one sole person.

b) Our conversations were extensive, though for me, since I was the one on vacay, time didn’t matter. I was chatting away poolside, straw-daq in hand.

I remember at one point, realizing how pricey the cost of our banter would be, but then told myself “While I’m on vacation, may as well…” Because though you are away being the jet-setter you are, there’s something comforting of having a hint of home-life at your finger tips. I made minor mention of the to-be-phone-bill and the person at the other end of the phone (knowing all too well what comes from these types of talks) suggested to split the bill.

A Blonde’s Lesson’s Learned:

- if you are going on a vacation and can’t fight the urge to use your BlackBerry or iPhone, call your phone service provider in advance to see if there’s some type of package or bundle you can get so you can at least set a realistic limit for phone use.

- leave the BlackBerry in the hotel room. Sure it’s nice to play on it when you’re trying to kill time waiting for your spiked-bevvy on the beach, but with the phone comes the drama you left behind in the first place. When you’re in your hotel room (which is rare for us sun-goddess and shopaholics) you’re there for downtime and likely surrounded by roomies, who – I can guarantee you – won’t put up with you baby talking and ‘I-miss-you’ing with the person you chose to leave behind.

- download Skype. You can do a cribs of your hotel room, the backdrop from the window, get the face to face time but avoid the $300 bill. Speaking of which, cheque please!

- Jenny Jen

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