Is it or is it not a date?

He’s a guy, you’re a girl and you’re both single; you’re both straight.  And you make plans to get together perhaps over drinks; perhaps over a whole meal of food.  Oh and one thing you know for certain is that you love his company, but the one thing you’re just not that so sure about is – even though it seemed he loved yours too – whether your little gettogether, if you will, was a date or not?

I mean you were excited to see him, and you’re two single opposing sex straight people, and well, look at you, you’re a babe.  And he paid.  But he didn’t make a move.  You didn’t make a move.  But he paid, you think again.  Although you both talked ever-so-freely about former flames and stories of the past.  But let’s face it blondie, you likely put a little extra thought into your outfit before you rendez vous’d and perhaps he might have too. So, what prey-tell does this mean?  Allow me to shed some good ol’ relationship expert perspective on the sitch…

What it means:

He likely is into you and you are likely into him.  But because you are friends or acquaintances or whatever it is you are, he is likely being a gentleman so as not to overstep any boundaries; so as not to lose you as a friend.  If he’s taking his time (especially once weekly, or so) to see you, there’s something there.  What that something is, is TBD but he is likely wondering the same thing you are.  So, where do you go from here?  If you’re interested you need to move out of “the friend zone,” slowly but surely.  And how do you that?  Continue to make easy going/no pressure kind of plans with him.  Do what you’re already doing and continue to build and work on your relationship together without having an awkward talk about it.  Feel free to be a little flirtatious, a little more touchy and above everything, stop talking about past conquests and relationships.  If you want to get out of buddy territory, you need to not put him into it in the first place.

– Jenny Jen

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2 Responses to Is it or is it not a date?

  1. Nicole says:

    Your blog topics are always relatable and interesting to read. But I stopped reading when you referred to your reader as “blondie.” Since I’m not blond, I couldnt relate anymore.

    • Hi Nicole – thanks for your feedback. When I started Blonde, bronzed, twentysomething I was actually brunette at the time. The blonde was meant to symbolize/be a play on the “blondes have more fun,” mentality. Hope you can still relate and that you come back for more tales from the heart!

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