In Good Time

We are impulsive creatures, never letting things settle, never letting things be. We get mad before someone does something wrong, simply because we expect them to fail. We worry and wonder about what other people might say if we x, or how they’ll respond if we y. But when we do this, we don’t give time to let things play out how they are meant to. We may actually be contributing to the demise of ourselves and thought patterns when we start thinking this way and then pushing it off on others.

It’s simple ladies, if you don’t leave wait time, you won’t see results. A fellow fine blonde friend of mine was complaining to me about the fact that she somehow managed to play the role of the initiator, her man-on-the-side never suggesting plans, dates, etc. What she failed to recognize was she never gave him the chance. She was doing something most us organized ones do and that’s plan in advance. Each day she’d ask him for plans, set dates and never just left some space for him to chime in and ask her. A part of her feared that if she left the recomended space, that he may ‘forget about her’ or make other plans so she’d ask her days away, not seeing her flawed way of thinking and doing. I must point out that her thoughts aren’t the healthiest. These thoughts are crowded in a backdrop of insecurity and mistrust.

Let things breath, drop the need for control and the worrisome thought patterns that cause you to create a conundrum in your head and subsequent heart. You may just be surprised.

- Jenny Jen

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